Mysterious Strange Lights Appeared Over Las Vegas Skies This Week (VIDEOS)

Could it be another UFO sighting?
Las Vegas UFO Sightings Include Strange Lights Appearing In The Sky (VIDEOS)

It's a bird, it's a plane; maybe a UFO? Some Nevada residents took recordings of strange lights flashing in the night sky. The eerie phenomenon appears to be one of many Las Vegas UFO sightings, and the videos are pretty bizarre. 

In the 48-second YouTube clip, you can see a slow and continuous bright light flash in the sky. 

At first, the light is unnoticeable due to 2020's last supermoon in the frame; however, 26 seconds in, you can see the bright object flash and disappear.  

The recording titled "UFO 3rd pass? Las Vegas 5-5-2020 White light with small red light following" was taken at about 8:30 p.m. according to the video's description. 

Under the comment section of the video, one user wrote: "Just saw the same earlier, about to upload it as well."

Some Twitter platform users also shared their videos of the strange ordeal. 

Similar reportings also occurred back in 2019.

According to KTNV Las Vegas, many Henderson residents "reported seeing mysterious lights flying in the sky above Henderson" back in September of 2019. 

However, the mystery behind those strange lights was not the work of extraterrestrials. 

Major League Soccer told KTNV Las Vegas, that those lights were thanks to the "United States Navy Parachute Team coming in for the pre-game festivities at Sam Boyd Stadium."

There has been no explanation of what appeared in the sky Tuesday night, but one user thinks they witnessed a UFO event. 

One witness wrote on their Twitter post, "I think my son and I witnessed a #UFO event over the #LasVegas skies during our walk tonight. We saw lights moving fast between a big, bright star and a small faint one."

Is this the work of alien activity? Or perhaps, something as mundane as a plane or a satellite?

Nevada is also home to Area 51, a top-secret government facility that many people believe houses alien artifacts such as spaceships.

There's no definitive evidence that can confirm these beliefs; however, it didn't stop the Area 51 "raid" that commenced back in September.

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