If you find yourself collecting canned food or like to stay stocked up on household items in case of an apocalypse, this doomsday bunker is right up your alley. The Las Vegas underground mansion has everything you need to survive the end of the world in style. We could all use a lavish underground escape to forget our above world problems.

If you have ever watched the movie Blast From The Past, you know what we mean when we say this underground house comes with it all. You have access to not just one, but two jacuzzis, a pool, and even a mini-golf area for putting practice.

The bunker has five rooms to sleep you and several other friends so that you can hibernate in style. Two different elevators run down to the house, in case one wasn't enough for the group.

It also features a dancefloor, bar, and a nightclub area perfect for keeping the party going long after you've sealed yourself in. If you're still living in Vegas, a nightclub room is completely necessary and relevant.

The 14,620 square foot space can withstand a nuclear blast, but more importantly, it can keep you comfortably entertained for years. The "outdoor" area comes complete with fake grass and murals painted on the walls to look like a countryside landscape.

You have access to light fixtures that change from day to night so that you can set the lighting to the time of day outside.

The "outdoor" waterfall and BBQ area are perfect for a (faux) sunny afternoon chill sesh, and there is even a guesthouse if some extra friends come to visit.

If you have some cash to blow, why not purchase this $18,000,000 home for a rainy day... or a zombie apocalypse?

We enjoy a good 'end of the world' plotline as much as the next person, but why not plan to live in style safe underground with an acre of land to party your days away?

Las Vegas Bunker Mansion

Price: $18,000,000

Address: 3970 Spencer Street, Las Vegas, NV

Description: This underground bunker turned mansion is the perfect place to live out that apocalypse lifestyle in luxury.

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