Back in 1978, an amateur boxer made history when he defeated Muhammed Ali and gained the heavyweight title. Now, over 40 years later the retired champion, Leon Spinks, is hospitalized in Las Vegas. 

TMZ broke the news that the 66-year old is in critical condition at a Nevada hospital for unknown reasons.

His wife, Brenda, reached out on Twitter asking for prayers for her husband. The post reads, "Dear Friends: I know it's been awhile. However, you know how I Believe in the Power of Prayer 🙏. It's been a tough year for us. Leon has endured a lot of medical problems. I'm reaching out to ask you to kindly..."

Just in October, Leon and Brenda celebrated their 20 year anniversary together. Although they've only been married legally for eight years, they've spent much of their life with one another.

Spinks is most notably known for the controversy surrounding his fight with Ali. Back in the late 70s', the rookie took on the 36-year old for the heavyweight title and won.

The 15-round split decision victory came as a shock to the millions of viewers watching. On February 15, 1978, the 24-year old Spinks became the new champion. 

It didn't last for long, as Leon only held the title for 212 days until his second match with Mohammed. It went down as the shortest amount of time in history for a boxer to hold that title. 

Ultimately, the champion was stripped of his title because he refused to fight the number one challenger, Ken Norton, according to Ring Tv

With 26 wins under his belt, the boxer retired in 1995

His wife posted her tweet on December 9. It's possible that her husband has been in the hospital longer than we thought. 

It's unclear which Sin City hospital he is being treated at but we are hoping Leon pulls through. 

Narcity is following this story closely and will update it with any new information. 

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