You Can Enter An Alternate Universe Of Epic Cosplay At This Las Vegas Bar

Magic wands and broomsticks optional.
Millennium Fandom Bar In Las Vegas Dedicated To Bringing The Whimsical And Wild To Life

There's escaping reality, and then there's delving into whole new worlds, and this bar delivers the latter. Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas is dedicated to bringing the whimsical and fantastical to life. They host a variety of events and themed nights that will whisk you away to your favorite fantasy world and beyond.

If you are seeking a little adventure to add to your weekend of fun, we've got the perfect place to lose yourself, and your inhibitions, for a bit.

Millennium Fandom Bar in Las Vegas is home to an array of cosplay events, theme nights, and much, much more.

Their unique decor creates the perfect escape to different lands like the worlds of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Disney's storybook lands.

As a self-proclaimed "nerd and pop culture" venue, this spot is home to all things awesome and fan-based.

You can join in on an epic karaoke session, or throw down your pop-culture knowledge during a quiz night hosted by the bar.

But the real draw is the cosplay events, where you can dress up according to the theme, and we recommend you go all out.

You won't be the only one wholly decked out head to tow in Steampunk attire, or a fully-fledged Hogwarts uniform.

Their $10 and up themed cocktails like BB-8, In Groot We Trust, and 28 Minutes Later are the perfect boozy drinks for a night on the town.

The cosplay events are listed on their website, so you can browse and pick your favorite before finding the most epic costume for the occasion.

You can sip boozy cocktails alongside Han Solo and Chewy, or down some shots with the Disney princesses, before cruising around checking out all the seriously spectacular decor.

Now you don't have to wait until Halloween to dress up and let yourself leave (this) reality for a couple of hours.

Millennium Fandom

Price: 💸💸

Address: 900 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Unit 140, Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: This bar will transport you to your favorite fantasy world and encourages you to wear your wildest costumes while sipping boozy treats.


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