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You Can Discover Hidden Petroglyphs Just Outside Of Las Vegas

No waiting museum lines to see these works of art.
Nevada's Logandale Trails Take You To Hidden Petroglyphs

Finding hidden gems around our city is always an adventure and we can't stop searching for them. Nevada's Logandale Trails take you to hidden petroglyphs drawn right on the walls. You can hike the path through epic, orange canyons to reach these ancient drawings.

The trails are located outside of Valley of Fire State Park, just a short drive from Las Vegas. You can follow a lesser-known trail that will eventually lead you to the petroglyphs.

The drawings, which are hundreds of years old, give you the chance to see history for your very own eyes.

Not many people know about this spot, so you can enjoy a peaceful walk through the canyons without the crowds.

Logandale Trails is made up of over 200 miles of land, making them ideal for everything from walking, off-roading adventures, and in some areas, horseback riding.

If you follow the path to the more untouched parts, you may even see bighorn sheep or other desert wildlife.

The Valley of Fire entrance fee is $10 per vehicle and can be paid at any self-pay station upon arrival to the park, however, the petroglyphs are free to see.

When you finally discover the artwork that resides along the trails, you will be blown away by the amazing it is. Though you can't touch them, you can take incredible photos of these drawings.

Pack a refreshing picnic and make sure to grab a camera to snap some epic photos of the petroglyphs and the trails.

Taking a break from all distractions and immersing yourself in nature is the perfect reset for your mind and body. 

Plus, you can bring along your furry best friend, too, as long as they stay on leash.

Park officials request that visitors stick to the trails, to avoid any disruption to the natural world.

You can wander through these towering sandstone canyons and be transported back hundreds of years while only being a couple of hours outside Las Vegas!

Logandale Trails

Price: Free

Address: Logandale, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can see petroglyphs from hundreds of years ago on this trail.

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