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One job that TikTok has popularized is the "Bev cart girl," and at the forefront of the occupation's online popularity is Cass Holland, who has gained 2.1 million followers on the app by making videos of her experience working as one.

These popular "golf cart girl" or "beverage cart girl" positions serving food to golfers aren't just specific to women, though, since job listings at country clubs and golf courses often call them beverage or snack cart attendants.

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What better way to start the year than attending your favorite artist’s concert? And if she happens to notice you, even better. Now, grabbing her attention during your marriage proposal? That’s just something else.

This is exactly the case of a couple from El Paso, TX who traveled to Las Vegas, NV to attend Adele’s show and celebrate the new year. As the party was happening, the pair got engaged, and the singer seemed to be the happiest witness of them all.

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A TikTok creator, Keith Lee, has become a trustworthy food critic for taste-testing small restaurants that are on the verge of losing it all. He figures out if it's the establishment's food, customer service, or marketing that's troubling their business, and he gives his honest opinion.

His account (@keith_lee125) has become a viral sensation with 6.6 million followers because he not only rates these restaurants, but his reviews apparently bring each spot massive success. By association, he even helps some places from going bankrupt to staying afloat.

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People find out about their cheating partners in many possible ways. For some, it may take years, while others discover infidelity as soon as their significant other starts having unusual behavior. However, a woman from Las Vegas, NV is making it easier for cheaters to get caught.

TikTok user Chasity Soules (@chasitysoules) has gained some virality on the platform for her "loyalty tests."

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Many people have been celebrating their birthdays in a very different fashion this year, celebrities included. A Pinãta Design Las Vegas created a giant Kourtney Kardashian pinata, and you can get in on the action. If you want to turn your birthday celebrations up a notch, you can get your lifesize creation for the ultimate fiesta.

Omar Soto lives in Las Vegas, where he creates giant works of art in the form of pinatas.

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