Many people have been celebrating their birthdays in a very different fashion this year, celebrities included. A Pinãta Design Las Vegas created a giant Kourtney Kardashian pinata, and you can get in on the action. If you want to turn your birthday celebrations up a notch, you can get your lifesize creation for the ultimate fiesta.

Omar Soto lives in Las Vegas, where he creates giant works of art in the form of pinatas.

We just imagine how much candy those bad boys can hold (which, by the way, is around 15 lbs). He also includes confetti inside the pieces for a more traditional Mexican celebration vibe.

He was recently commissioned to create a giant Kourtney Kardashian replica, which he even hand-delivered to her Calabasas home, Omar told Narcity in an interview.

The five-foot-one piece weighed around 15 lbs (before the candy) and came with a hand-decorated stick to hit it with.

Soto has been working with pinãta for over 20 years. He would take apart the paper mache versions from his birthday parties to analyze them, then remake them as his own.

Many of his designs can be found around the Arts District. 

His gorgeous designs are all brightly colored and come in different shapes, with cellophane and tissue paper giving each one a magical texture.

His lifesize people pinãtas are a newer endeavor for him, but he added that "Bigger is better," and we couldn't agree more.

Soto makes everything by hand, and the pieces are a true testament to his incredible skills.

You almost feel bad whacking them with a stick, especially when they resemble you or someone you know.


You can reach out to him on his Instagram about life-sized replicas, or other custom creations.

His designs usually run around $500 for businesses, but he told Narcity he works with individuals to help fit their budgets.

Who knows, you might like your pinãta so much that you don't feel like smashing it into smithereens and that's ok by us.

Either way, it should be a great conversation starter at your next party.

Pinãta Design LV

Price: Varies

Why You Need It: You can get a custom giant pinãta of yourself for your next celebration or party.