This Tiny Container Home In Las Vegas Is The Recycled Renovation Of Your Dreams

Reduce, reuse, recycle... renovate?
Renovated Container House In Las Vegas Is Like Lego Living

Less is more has become our motto, and living light is the perfect way to feel like you're doing your part for the Earth. You can build a renovated container house in Las Vegas. It just goes to show that recycling can be used in any venture, including living space. Perfect for getaways, or full-time escapism.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Alternative Living Spaces creates converted shipping containers into adorable desert-dwellings that can be added on to a larger home or used as a mobile one if "travel is life" is your motto.

They are perfect for a small guest home or as a fun Airbnb if you need some extra cash. You can use this recycled haven however you want, including as a tiny house all to yourself.

The 20-foot container features a living space, a tiny kitchen area, a full-size bed, and a bathroom connected by a barn door.

The best part of the whole unit? The dreamy rooftop deck that lets you enjoy those warm sunny days with your favorite boozy treats or a sunset dinner with desert views.

You can own this enchanting little abode for only $47,500, and it comes with its own AC/heating unit!

The ground floor deck is ideal for morning coffee breaks or BBQs, and the light and airy decor makes the whole thing feel breathtakingly open.

The tiny bathroom comes fully stocked with a flushing toilet, shower, and vanity set.

Renovated shipping container homes are not only a great way to reuse decommissioned metal, but also create cute, homey spaces perfect for a tiny piece of privacy.

You can choose from several different flooring materials, and the custom homes can be delivered to wherever you decide to set up "camp."

They are often more cost-effective since the shells are already built and can be renovated from the inside out.

You can get your own "Lego-style" shipping container house perfect for a tiny homestead of your own, or the ideal Airbnb rental for some extra cash!

The Haven

Price: $47,500

Address: Las Vegas, NV

Description: This tiny, renovated shipping container house is perfect for a recycled homestead or guest house.

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