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You Can Drive Big Machines At This Insane Adult Playground In Las Vegas

Take your frustration out on a car using 30,000 lbs. of steel.
Sandbox For Adults In Las Vegas Lets You Drive Big Machines And Crash Cars

Usually, when Las Vegas comes to mind, we imagine massive casinos, avant-garde decor, and larger than life boozy drinks. But we've found a wild adult playground that lets you get your hands dirty. This sandbox for adults in Las Vegas lets you drive big machines and crash cars.

Dig This Las Vegas is located in Las Vegas, Nevada on West Roban Avenue. At this wild playground, you can show off your skills by taking control of big machines like a skid steer, bulldozer, excavator, and mini excavator. Strap on those hard hats and prepare to have fun.

The big machine experiences are available year-round and rentals start at $169 for individual sessions. The skid steer package will get you 70 minutes of big machine fun.

It's pretty easy to operate and you'll be able to move dirt, stack tires, and even try out an easy obstacle course. It's available daily. 

If you go with friends, you can opt for some adult group fun with a group session. They start at $720 for 4-8 people. Going with friends allows you to save some money by splitting the cost. 

Sometimes we all need to blow off a little steam. Don't let your anger get the best of you, opt for the individual Aggression Session. For $650, you'll also be given a can of spray paint to use on a car. Then look out! You'll be in charge of 30,000 pounds of steel.

The Caterpillar excavator will allow you to crush the spray-painted car until it's completely flat.

It's important to wear appropriate clothing such as close-toe shoes. Since this adult playground is in Vegas everyone who is planning on driving a big machine must take a breathalyzer test. 

It's okay to be nervous, but there's no need to worry. Instructors will go over instructions and safety procedureswith you before you drive. If you're going on a road trip, you can check out this other big machine playground in Arizona

Dig This Las Vegas

Price: $169 - $650 for individual sessions

Location: 800 W. Roban Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada 89044

Why you should go: You can drive big machines at this insane adult playground. Demolishing a car is one perk you can get if you plan on booking an experience here. 


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