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Shania Twain Gushed How She Missed Her Fans During A Serenade At Her Vegas Home

"I miss all of you and I miss my shows..."

We all wish our favorite Canadian Country star could serenade us, and now our wishes have come true. Shania Twain posted an acoustic version of her song from her Las Vegas home, and it was the perfect thing to lift our isolation blues. She has also been posting some hilarious memes to keep her followers in high spirits.

If you ever wanted to hang out with her at her stunning Las Vegas ranch, now you can feel like you're sitting in her living room while she plays her hit song "No One Needs To Know" in front of a cozy fire.

Shania has been keeping everyone posted on her self-isolation via her social media, so we can all feel a little more connected.

Since her March tour dates were canceled, she's bringing her music to your feed, so you can get your dose of Shania any time you want.

As if she couldn't get more amazing, her sense of humor and incredible voice are just the things we needed.

In the first 15 seconds of the video, she gushes about how she misses her fans and performing, "Well, here we are. This is our way of connecting right now and I miss all of you and I miss my shows. And the fact that we can't get together right now..."

By the looks of her Twitter feed, she's enjoying her time at home.

Just two weeks ago, she shared a video of Lewis Capaldi lip-syncing one of her songs in a hilarious ode to the country star. She shared it, obviously as entertained as we are.

She has also been posting memes on her social media, changing the names of her album titles to isolation-related puns.

On one of her posts, she wrote: "Has anyone else started laughing at their own jokes?"

All the time, Shania.ย 

Not that we can't just Spotify her playlist, but we could use a reason to dust off our boots and dance around the living room to "Any Man Of Mine." (Hint Hint for the next Twitter post).