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This Asian Bistro In Las Vegas Serves Fortune Cookies As Big As A Football

It's filled with white and chocolate mousse. 🥠
Tao Las Vegas Sells Giant Fortune Cookies Stuffed With White & Chocolate Mousse

If there's one thing we love about food, it has got to be the massive selection of sweet treats. Tao Las Vegas serves giant fortune cookies that include even bigger fortunes. It's one goody you'll want to eat right after dinner.

Located in The Venetian Hotel, this nightclub slash bistro serves up a delicious menu filled with Asian-themed fares.

With a variety of desserts, there's one treat that caught our eye. The Giant Fortune Cookie is what it sounds like but better.

The $12 treat is as big as a football and is stuffed with white and chocolate mousse, fresh fruit, and of course, a giant fortune. If you've got a big enough appetite after your meal, this cookie will be worth it.

These treats are made fresh every day using a special butter cookie dough, then baked, and shaped into the fortune shape we know and love.

Plus, it's then painted with melted chocolate and sprinkled with shaved almonds. It's okay; we're drooling too. 

If you'd order it just for the fortune inside, we get it. Some of the ones we have seen include reveals such as "Let your body be your playground" and "Those who say 'yes' have more fun."

Is it just us, or does that sound like typical Las Vegas humor?

The cookie is a meal in itself, especially with the assortment of fresh fruit it comes with. 

In that case, we'll order one to-go too. 

Some of the other dessert options include banana pudding, Yuzu sugar-dusted doughnuts served with three sauces, and a mochi tasting with assorted flavors. 

If you love all things giant and delicious, this is one dessert you should add to your bucket list of foods to try. 

TAO Las Vegas

Price: 💸💸💸

Cuisine: Pan-Asian

Address: 3377 South Las Vegas, Boulevard Las Vegas, NV

Why you need to go: You can get giant fortune cookies that are as big as a football in Las Vegas. 


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