Football is one of our favorite sports and with the Superbowl commencing in early 2020, it's almost time for the new draft season. Did you know that the NFL draft is coming to Las Vegas next year? If you're in town, you'll be able to see it in person. 

The NFL's official website announced that the draft is heading to Sin City, between April 23 - 25 of 2020.

For three days, you'll be able to watch the football teams recruit potentially new players. 

The process allows NFL teams' to add new players to their rosters. With 32 teams, there are extensive rules in the process. 

The worst team of the season goes first in assigning draft selections, with the championship winners getting the last pick.

During this process, you can expect there to be live music and the best part? You can take photos in front of the Lombardi Trophy.

With the Superbowl on February 2, 2020, attending the draft selection would be great before the teams begin their training for the new season. 

We recommend planning your trip ASAP. It's possible that hotel rooms along the Strip will be sold out.

Yesterday the NFL uploaded a photo of the new 2020 draft order. The Bengals are in the number one spot, while the Chargers came in at number 10. 

The football festival is open to the public and is free to visit. According to Visit Las Vegas, The first round of selections will be on day one, rounds 2-3 on day 2, and the 3rd through 7th ones on the last day.

The event will take place at the Caesars Forum, a 550,000 square foot convention center on the Strip. 

During the festivities, you can get autographs, participate in giveaways, and shop exclusive football merch. 

Narcity is following this story closely and will update this article with any new information. 

2020 NFL Draft

When: April 23 - 25, 2020 

Address: Caesars Forum, 3655 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Las Vegas, Nevada


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