If you need a break from movies and internet scrolling, we might have the perfect thing to keep you entertained. The Mob Museum in Las Vegas has a virtual app that lets you find your mobster doppelganger, as well as virtual tours through their history packed halls. Instead of binge-watching all of The Godfather movies, you can check out this new experience to delve into the world of gangsters (without any illegal activity required on your part).

You can now learn all about the inner workings of the notorious players, singers, actors, and gangsters in Sin City before it was known for its glitz, glam, and roaring nightlife.

The Mob Museum is home to hundreds of incredible photos, relics, and informative tidbits about the infamous mob from the past.

They now have an app that lets you virtually stroll through their history-filled hallways, and then you can find out who your gangster doppelganger may be.

It will compare your facial features to 800 photos they have on file, finding similarities to give you a close guess of which mobster, famous singer or entertainer you look like.

Not all the doppelganger photos are old school gangsters, though. You can match up with people who have starred in films about mob activity.

We hope we look like J-Lo in Hustlers

Just because the museum (and the hidden speakeasy underneath it) is closed, doesn't mean you can't enjoy the fantastic sights and exciting interactive perks.

Why not set some mood lighting, pour a prohibition-style cocktail, and load up the app to find your "doppelgangster" in true speakeasy fashion.

Afterward, you can pop on your favorite gangster flick and compare your newly found mobster knowledge to Hollywood's versions.

We think this is "an offer you can't refuse."

That's about as far as our The Godfather knowledge goes, but you get the point.

The Mob Museum App

Price: Free

Why You Need To Go: You can find your "doppelgangster" and wander the halls of the Mob Museum with this virtual experience.