You don't have to jump on a long flight to experience the incredible architecture of Rome, the gorgeous cabanas of Hawaii or the awesome inspirations of Asia. This Airbnb in Las Vegas looks like a palace and is host to all three decor styles. You can feel like you're traveling the world, without going any further than Nevada.

This Las Vegas Palace is the perfect escape for you and 16 of your friends. There are over 20 beds in the house, enough room for everyone to find a cozy place to sleep after a day of exploring all it has to offer.

At $2220 per night with a two-night minimum stay, this home is perfect if you want to split the cost with friends.

There are two swim-up bars, two pools, and even spas for you to sit back and relax in while sipping delicious cocktails. The whole pool area looks like a Hawaiian resort, complete with palm trees and palapa shades. 

With four bridges in the backyard, you can stroll over them and admire the large koi pond. If that doesn't sound relaxing, we don't know what does.

Inside, you will find marble fixtures that make the house feel like a Venetian palace, complete with jacuzzi style bathtubs. You can snooze under ridiculously soft sheets in spacious beds made for a king or queen.

There is an indoor gym and even a library if you are seeking a little peace and quiet.

You can keep your gains and your brains working while on vacation without leaving this mansion.

Just in case one kitchen is not enough, there are five(!) perfect for a big group dinner or an awesome take-out party.

You can even have a BBQ on one of the two outdoor grills, so you can stay poolside all day.

Get your crew ready, pack your swimsuits, and let yourselves be transported to three different versions of paradise in one place.

Las Vegas Palace

Price Per Night: $2220/2-night minimum stay

Neighborhood: Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: A mix of Oriental landscape, Hawaiin paradise, and Venetian grandeur await you and your friends at this Las Vegas palace.

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.