When we plan a trip to Sin City, we splurge on the most obvious things: food, booze, and souvenirs. This year, we've got good news. You can say goodbye to that cheap hotel room on the Strip and stay in an actual mansion in Las Vegas instead. The best part? It'll cost you less than $60 a night if you're splitting the cost with friends.

The celebrity mansion is a 6,700 square-foot home that can comfortably sleep 21 people. On average, the home costs $1,199 a night to rent. But if you go with friends it's less than the price of a hotel.

Since there's a five-night minimum stay required, you can plan an epic week-long spring break there. With a resort-style pool and attached hot tub, there's no shortage of fun to be had at this house.

Why stay on the crowded Strip when you can see it from a 45-foot glass balcony? This spot exudes glitz and glam and tbh, we're here for it. 

If you get tired of the poker, pool, and foosball tables, casinos are only a five-mile drive away. Whether you're in town for a bachelor or bachelorette party, this is a great spot to stay. 

Each bedroom has unique decorations that are dedicated to different celebrities who have helped make Vegas one of the best entertainment cities in the world. 

That's not all. There's a "Celebrity Prop Closet" that has unique costumes for you to pose and take pictures in. 

Whether you're in town and looking for magical dates or wanting to visit this pastel pink canyon, just remember that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Celebrity Mansion

Price per night: Average is $1,199 for up to 21 people, that's only $57 per person (minimum 5-night stay required) 

Address: Las Vegas, Nevada (exact address provided upon booking)

Why You Need To Go: You can stay in a mansion and feel like a real millionaire too. 

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