This Bar In Las Vegas Serves Up Boozy Treats "Hand" Made By Robots

Don't plan to flirt for freebies with these guys.
Tipsy Robot In Las Vegas Serves Up Cocktails Created By Robots

The dawn of A.I. has come much less dramatically than Hollywood predicted, but machines are still enjoying their rise in popularity. Tipsy Robot in Las Vegas serves up yummy cocktails created by actual robots. You can design your own drink then let the tech of the future serve you your favorite boozy treat, all without having to make any awkward small talk.

If you've ever wanted your own personal 'bot, this spot is the next best thing.

Tipsy Robot inside Planet Hollywood Hotel is home to two massive robotic arms created by KUKA Robotic Corporation.

As you wander into the bar, you will see stands that give you access to an app, which allows you to create any drink of your choice.

You can create your own profile, then browse beverages that already exist in the system or create your very own concoction.

The order is then sent to the hub, where your machine bartender can process your requests and begin mixing, shaking, and serving the recipe.

Possibilities are endless according to the website, and you can even give your creation a name and store it to order on your next visit.

You can check screens throughout the bar that show you where your order sits in the queue.

Gone are the days of vying for the bartender's attention. This mechanical version can handle multiple orders at once with the touch of a button.

The best part? You are completely in control of your ingredients, so you never have to feel awkward about any picky tendencies. So what if you only like your vodka sodas with a teeny tiny splash of soda? Robots can't judge.

Drinks start around $7 for non-alcoholic beverages.

This spot is the perfect futuristic stop off — just as long as the artificial mixologists don't get sick of making G&T's and start rebelling.

Tipsy Robot

Price: 💸💸

Address: 3663 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Unit 130, Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: This bar serves up delicious drinks that you can create through an app and are served up by a giant robot.


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