You Can Order Burgers In Las Vegas That Weigh More Than A Bowling Ball

No need to 'hold' the toppings on this beast- those are part of the fun.
TrufflesnBacon Cafe In Las Vegas Has A Burger That Weighs Over 10 Pounds

If by fitness you mean 'fitness' this giant burger in our mouth, then yes, we are into that. TrufflesnBacon Cafe in Las Vegas has a burger that weighs over 10 pounds and is the perfect way to get your 'pump' on... all while you dine. This literal beast is the ideal group project for the whole squad to tackle.

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, this cafe is home to the Belly of the Beast burger. TrufflesnBacon Cafe is a popular breakfast spot that offers a secret rainbow menu, and of course, the beast.

With over 15 lbs of Angus beef, melted cheese, chilis, four sunny-side-up eggs, pork belly tater tots, and Hot Cheetos, this will surely hit the spot. The whole concoction is topped with Korean mayo, ranch, and BBQ sauce.

Are you drooling yet?

You can order the burger for $85, but it is enough food to serve eight people.

That's just over $10 per person, and we can bet it will fill you up just the same as a regular meal.

The whole thing weighs over 10 lbs, and it's the same weight as the dumbbells you can get at the gym.

That's 10lbs of the mouth-watering burger just for you and your squad to try and demolish during your visit. Hey, we believe in you!

You can also order the smaller version of the beast, which is only $16.50 and still offers all the delicious toppings, but it's fit for one person.

Even that one still looks like a lot to finish, but we are willing to give it a try.

If giant food challenges are your thing, this is the spot for you. The photo ops alone are worth a visit, but the whole menu will have you coming back for more.

Check out their secret menu for their colorful breakfast treats, or indulge in their other items that will have you planning your next meal even as you're eating the one in front of you.

Instead of worrying about the gym, you can just grab this monster burger instead.

After all, no one ever specified what you had to lift to gain muscle...right?

TrufflesnBacon Cafe

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Breakfast/Lunch

Address: 8872 S. Eastern Ave., Henderson, NV

Why You Need To Go: You can order a 10lb burger to share with your friends.


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