This Local Las Vegas Company Will Bring The Movie Theater To Your Backyard

You've tried drive-ins and movie theaters... now try this.
Turn Your Backyard Into A Home Theater In Vegas For The Ultimate Night In

If there is one thing we love more than a night at the movies, it's finding new ways to watch our favorite films. A local Vegas company lets you turn your backyard into a home theater. You can rent these epic centers for the perfect movie night under the stars.

JumpingYMini is a local company in Las Vegas that delivers home theater setups to your front door.

They offer a variety of options to make your backyard theater the ultimate home escape. Who's ready for a movie n' chill kind of night?

The outdoor theater set comes with everything you need including a projector, sound system, DVD player, and an inflatable screen.

Prices start at $200 for the 10-foot screen with options for a bigger size available. It is perfect for family or friends who are visiting or enjoying a night in.

You can even split the cost of everything between your group, making it a cheap and fun option! You can set up chairs, loungers, pillows, and beanbags to make a comfy viewing area. Add fairy lights to trees or patio overhangs for an extra cozy feel.

The best part? The company delivers everything to you for ease, so you can say goodbye to leaving your house.

If you're low on snacks, you can purchase items ranging from margarita machines and popcorn ones to cotton candy machines.

Concession rentals are around $60 each.

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The rental fee includes setup for the entire evening. It's the perfect amount of time for a double feature or to binge-watch your favorite shows.

Turn your backyard into the ultimate night in by setting up this home theater system then adding snacks, drinks, and a relaxation station for everyone invited.

Besides, what better way is there to enjoy an evening at your house than by watching movies under the stars?

So grab all the cozy blankets and pillows you can find, pick your favorite movie snacks, and curl up with your favorite people while you relax at your own home-based movie theater.


Price: $200+

Location: Southern Nevada

Why You Need It: This outdoor set up turns your backyard into a home theater under the stars!

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