Traveling around Sin City is getting a lot easier. Recently, Uber transit in Las Vegas was announced and it allows select users to access real-time schedules and walking directions using their app. 

The rideshare company partnered with the Southern Nevada RTC transit system to allow its customers the option to purchase bus tickets through the app. 

Las Vegas is the second city that has been offered these services. Back in 2019, Uber offered the same service to passengers in Denver, Colorado. 

On top of buying bus passes, you can compare prices and arrival times on the app and pick your best option from there.

Sometimes, rideshare companies can be pricey, but this new option is actually affordable. According to CNN Business Insider, "Tickets bought through Uber will cost the same as if a traveler bought their ticket directly from the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada."

This partnership is the second one of its kind. The best part? If you have already purchased a ticket through the app, you can still put it up if you're offline. 

With an abundance of new businesses and hotels arriving in Las Vegas, it's possible that congestion and traffic will get worse. The convenience of the transit system can help "stay at pace with the public’s needs, allowing people to plan and pay for trips from start to finish," said in a press release Dave Genova, CEO and General Manager of Denver's Regional Transportation District. 

Over the next few weeks, Uber will be rolling out its service to more people. 

Their goal is to help people access the transit system while reducing the amount of congestion and journeys by car. 

You can use the app by following these directions:

"Buying a transit ticket in the Uber app is easy: After riders enter a destination, they will see 'Transit' as an option in the 'choose a ride' selector. Upon selecting the 'Transit' option, riders will be able to purchase tickets on all available transit options while also having access to realtime schedules and walking directions to and from transit stations."

We're hoping that, with this partnership, crowded streets will become a thing of the past. 

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