If you're craving a little extra Harry Potter fix, this mystical spot will relieve what ails you. Velveteen Rabbit in Las Vegas has all the magical vibes and transports you to another realm filled with funky decor and tasty treats. It looks like a divination room came to downtown, with comfy couches and moody lighting just right for those fall feels every day of the year.

In this hidden gem, you'll glimpse lushly textured wallpaper and dark nooks to sip boozy elixirs.

You can find the Velveteen Rabbit in Las Vegas, nestled in the eclectic Arts District.

Inside, you'll discover lamps hanging from the ceiling to create dark and mystical lighting, perfect for disappearing into a world of magic and wonder.

The ever-changing drink menu is sure to tingle your taste buds, with wickedly delicious concoctions like a "Wee drop of the creature" or "Should've known he was a Pisces."

You can find unique tastes like jasmine, cinnamon-clove syrup, and even squid ink in their cocktails, perfect for anyone who likes to expand their 'potions' knowledge and taste.

One of their 'elixirs' starts at $12, and you'll get to sit back while you sip and enjoy the unique decor.

The furniture is vintage, adding to the already cozy space, so you'll feel like you're lounging at a close friends' house, or a common room in Hogwarts.

On the weekends, you can catch a live DJ, or explore their outdoor patio for some fresh air.

The intoxicating bar will whisk you away to a world of magic and wonder, perfect for anyone in need of a little break from reality.

A small selection of snacks offers a little extra to entice your tastebuds, but it's the drinks that'll make you want to visit this spot.

They change seasonally, and always have a different overall theme.

Even if potions were never your passion, this fabulous venue is sure to get your quills quivering (writing quills, that is) and your nose tingling with the yummy ingredients.

Time to channel your inner magical side and head to this bar for a spell-binding adventure.

Velveteen Rabbit

Price: 💸💸

Address: 1218 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV

Why You Need To Go: This bar is a dream destination for anyone wanting to add a little magic to their happy hour.