As Arizona's Stay At Home Order comes closer to an end, Governor Doug Ducey went live to give an update on the next steps. During his COVID-19 Arizona update, Ducey announced that the state would be extending its stay at home order until May 15.

"This is a global pandemic. You do plan on a worst-case scenario, and that's what we've been focused on, and we haven't seen it yet, if it is indeed coming, in Arizona," Ducey said in his live update

Arizona's stay at home order was put in place on March 31 after it experienced its first COVID-19 case on January 26.

The order was set to expire on April 30; however, it has been extended to May 15.

"If this were to come in fuller force than we've seen, we need hospital beds for our people," Ducey stated.

The governor also said that the state has not seen the worst-case scenario and that Arizona "is preparing and is prepared," in regards to the availability of hospital beds and ventilators for patients. 

The state of Arizona has partnered with community labs to ensure that anyone who believes that they are infected or may have been exposed to COIVD-19 can be tested starting this weekend, May 1, 2020. 

Recently, the University of Arizona received $3.5 million in funding from Arizona to conduct antibody testing on frontline workers, U of A students, and facilities members.

This specific test will detect the presence of antibodies "that attach to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19," as stated in the COVID-19 Antibody Testing Initiative FAQ.

In addition to the stay at home order, travel restrictions have also been extended through May with some modifications so that "we can return stronger."

Some of those include the partial reopening of retail stores for curbside pickup, delivery, and appointment-based services on May 4.

On May 8, retail stores must have strict physical distancing requirements, public health protections, and CDC guidelines put in place for reopening. 

Moving forward, Ducey is confident that if Arizona as a whole is "responsible, thoughtful, methodical, we will be the brightest light economically."

He also said that the community could expect to see a detailed plan released sometime next week on when to expect dine-in at restaurants. 

The best-case scenario from the Restaurant Industry for dine-in services is May 12.