There are a lot of unique Airbnb homes out there. From treehouses to igloos, you can spend the night in some pretty interesting places, but have you ever imagined spending the night in a bubble? Lay back and relax in this giant bubble Airbnb near Montreal, and let the night sky unfold above you.

Now, this isn't just one giant bubble. It's a whole bubble land! The massive dome tent is accompanied by a round floating device and bubble spa, just waiting to make all of your vacation dreams come true. 

The giant bubble is actually a sphere-shaped tent that is kept inflated by a motor. The entire top of the tent is clear, giving you a wide-open view of the starry night sky. Imagine falling asleep with millions of little stars twinkling down on you! At night, you can choose to light up your tent with a colourful spotlight, transforming it into a glowing orb. 

The Airbnb is located on a river in Laval. You'll have access to a BBQ and beach chairs, as well as an inflatable floating device which is also bubble shaped! It's perfect for floating along the river, and the removable sunshade will keep you cool. The circular spa is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy bubble land to the fullest.

The bubble tent sleeps up to 3 people. Included are bed linens and the option of a single bed or mats. There is a newly renovated shared bathroom available on sight, complete with a shower and amenities.

Giant Bubble Tent & Spa

Price Per Night: $77

Location: Laval, Quebec

Why you need to go: Experience a getaway like no other in this incredible giant bubble tent!

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