Several Canadians Poisoned By Carbon Monoxide After Using BBQ To Warm Up Their Homes During Power Outage

5 Laval residents were poisoned by carbon monoxide on Monday night.
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Several Canadians Poisoned By Carbon Monoxide After Using BBQ To Warm Up Their Homes During Power Outage

Beginning on Monday, Laval Quebec has been hit with major storms, resulting in several power outages. Since then, Canadians in the area have been dealing with the freezing temperatures without any heat or electricity as many areas are without power. On Monday in particular, several Canadians were poisoned by carbon monoxide after attempting to warm up with a BBQ inside their home.

As a result of the power outage, locals began to seek heat anywhere they could. Some even resorted to lighting up a BBQ indoors to get a little bit of heat during the incredibly cold power outage on Monday night. 

Today,CJAD 8000 Montreal confirmed that Laval Police stated that at least 18 people had been taken to the hospital after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

It was confirmed by Laval police that there were two initial incidents involving carbon monoxide poisoning in Laval, Quebec on Monday night during the power outage. The first case reportedly involved a family of four people who attempted to heat their home with the BBQ and it resulted in carbon monoxide poisoning.

The second incident involved a single man who attempted to do the same thing. The single man was found unconscious as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. Police have confirmed that all locals involved in the two incidents will be okay, but this is a warning to Canadians to be very careful in these circumstances. 

According to Metro Journal, the Laval Fire Department responded to the first call involving the family of four just before 2:30 PM. They arrived on the scene where one child was unconscious and three others stated they had headaches. They were all transported to the hospital immediately.

In the second incident, local firefighters found the single man unconscious as well but were able to help him seek treatment. Luckily, all of the victims are reportedly going to be okay.

Unfortunately, the cold weather, snow and power outages continue in Laval. More than 200,000 residents spent two nights without power or electricity, meaning they had to deal with extremely frigid conditions.

While some of the areas have restored power, approximately 100,000 customers in the region are still without electricity. In another Narcity report, businesses in the North Shore of Montreal are reportedly running on generators and firewood. 

Source:Narcity - Christine Emond

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