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Lavender Airbnb Near BC: You Can Sleep By 10 Acres Of Blooming Flowers

Few things are soothing as the scent of lavender. In our province, we are lucky to have so many beautiful flower farms nearby, but this one spot is so unique it needs to be on your bucket list. There is a lavender Airbnb near B.C where you can sleep by a blooming flower field.

OrcaSong Farm in Eastsound, Washington, is a three-hour drive from Vancouver and offers a stunning Airbnb perfect for a weekend getaway. They have a one-bedroom suite that overlooks ten acres of lavender!

Instead of the typical experience of visiting a flower farm, here you can feel like you have the purple wonderland all to yourself. The vacation rental even comes with a private patio so you can start your day with a cup of coffee overlooking the blooms.

Naturally, the best time to visit is when the lavender is blooming in the summer. While the public can visit the farm, as you are sleeping here, you'll get to beat the crowds and enjoy the sight all to yourself.

In the summer, OrcaSong Farm offers everyone the option to pick your own lavender. For a small additional fee, they will give you everything you need, baskets and scissors along with instructions on how to harvest it.

You won't want to miss the chance to try this first hand. You'll be surrounded by purple flowers as far as the eye can see.

Plus, throughout the year, you can have dried lavender in your place as a reminder of your getaway.

Inside the spacious Airbnb, there is everything you might need, including a small kitchen, dining area, bathroom and bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

But while you are here, you'll want to spend all your time outdoors enjoying the sweet smells of the buds.

There is also another garden with flowers, every colour of the rainbow to see too.

As a guest of the property, you are welcomed to visit the extra garden and pick a bouquet to bring home for free.

There is a two-night stay requirement, so if you get there Friday night and leave on Sunday, it works out perfectly. The suite is available from $219.50 a night, including additional fees.

Lavender Suite At OrcaSong Farm

Price Per Night: $219.50+

Neighbourhood: Eastsound, WA

Why You Need To Go: You'll be able to sleep next to 10 acres of lavender.

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