For the past month, Ontarians have been putting their party plans on hold as the LCBO continues to face an alcohol shortage in their stores across the province. As shelves continue to empty, the LCBO is stating that this shortage could continue to last another two to three weeks before they are able to resolve the issues that the company has been facing. The LCBO states that while the problem is still undergoing, fewer stores are currently being affected. 

The LCBO started to face an alcohol shortage at the beginning of the month when they began experiencing issues with their new distribution system. Since then, many Ontarians have been noticing empty shelves and limited supplies of alcohol throughout their local branches.  

Some LCBOs throughout the province were even spotted posting signs on their shelves to warn customers of the shortage that the company is currently facing. One of the signs even read, "Where is our stock? Due to issues with our warehouse, we have not been receiving our deliveries." 

Now, CTV News states that the LCBO is apologizing to its customers for the problems that the company has been dealing with the past few weeks and that they are working to resolve the issue. However, the problem doesn't seem to be a quick fix as the LCBO states that it will take anywhere from two to three weeks for normal operations to continue at all stores across the province. 

This means that some Ontario locations will continue to experience an alcohol shortage until midway through August. 

However, CTV states that the LCBO has already seen improvements over the past few weeks. When the shortage initial started, 240 stores across the province were being affected.  Now, only fifteen outlets are expected to feel the effects of this shortage for the next couple of weeks. 

It is still unclear exactly which locations are still facing these shortages. 

This shortage was brought on after the LCBO began experiencing issues with the warehouse's new management system. 

However, OPSEU President Warren "Smoky" Thomas warned that the LCBO was aware of the problems that this management system was having, claiming that multiple workers informed the company that the system was not working properly. 

Despite the warnings, the LCBO still decided to switch the systems over and have been dealing with trying to fix the problems for the past few weeks.