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4 Crisp And Delicious Fall Ciders That Just Arrived At The LCBO

It's almost time to say goodbye to fruity cocktails and sangria. Fall is on its way, and that means we need to adjust our liquor store shopping lists to make way for crisp, seasonal beverages. LCBO's new fall ciders are perfect for sipping on while gazing out at colourful autumn leaves. 

Crack one of these boozy drinks open and unleash the fresh vibes of one of Canada's most beautiful seasons. These ciders are great for enjoying with friends, or simply treating yourself after a long day! With hints of apple, pear, and cranberry, you'll be tasting autumn in every sip.

Muskoka Lakes Cliff Jump Cranberry Cider

Price: $3.75

Why you need it: With fresh 100% Ontario apples and Muskoka grown cranberries, this drink is full of mouth-watering goodness!


Ardiel Cider House Victoria Pear Cider

Price: $3.45

Why you need it: This elegant, sparkling dry cider will delight you with the taste of fresh pear. You'll love the vintage-style can!


Lonetree Authentic Dry Cider

Price: $2.95

Why you need it: Old-world cider apples are combined with crisp table apples for a delicious, drink that tastes just like autumn!


Spy Cider House Golden Eye Cider

Price: $3.50

Why you need it: This brand new cider will be available at LCBO stores within the next few weeks. This naturally-grown cider is pressed on-site and filled with delicious, refreshing apples.