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Everyone Keeps Mixing Up Scheer & Singh's Names In The Leader's Debate

Even Trudeau called Singh "Mr. Scheer".
Ontario Editor
Leader's Debate Moderators Kept Calling Singh "Mr. Scheer"

With the Leader's Debate airing across Canada on Monday night, all six political leaders took to the stage to fight it out for Canadians votes. While Canadians have had months to familiarize themselves with these leaders, it seems that even the moderators of this debate are having trouble remembering who is who. In fact, throughout the debate, multiple moderators ended up mixing up Scheer and Singh's names. 

Throughout the Leader's Debate, the leader of the NDP, Jagmeet Singh was mistaken for Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer multiple times throughout the night. 

While the other leaders and moderators kept calling Singh "Mr. Scheer" many Canadians continued to wonder how the mistake could happen more than once. 

However, despite the mix-ups, Singh was able to take the mistake lightly, even commenting that he wore an orange turban so that he wouldn't be mistaken for Scheer, telling the moderator "I wore a bright orange turban on purpose today."

However, it wasn't just the moderators that called Singh "Mr. Scheer". In fact, even the Prime Minister of Canada was spotted calling Singh the name of the Conservative Party leader. 

Yet, despite Singh's humour about the situation, multiple Canadians are calling out the moderators for mixing up the names of the political leaders throughout the debate that is airing on televisions across Canada. 

Of course, Twitter users have quickly picked up on this mix-up, one user even stated, "Everyone keeps mixing up Singh with Scheer and it's getting cringe-worthy (but Singh's comebacks from them have been gold.)" 

While another user states, "How do you get Andrew Scheer mixed up with Jagmeet Singh?"

While it may be due to the stress of a live debate, or the fact that both political leaders' names start with an 'S', the common mistake of Singh being called Scheer took over the Leader's Debate on Monday night. 

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