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Letterkenny Cast Finally Gets Recognition

Thinking about Canadian TV shows, it's pretty certain that shows like Schitt's Creek and Degrassi will come to mind. Those two shows are iconic for completely different reasons. One of them guided us through our teen years, and the other opened doors to what could be the best Canadian comedy ever. However, there is one Canadian TV show that needs recognition as well. Letterkenny cast finally gets recognition for being severely underrated. 

You may be wondering, "isn't Letterkenny a small town in Ontario?" Yes. It's also the namesake of a hit TV show that is getting a completely different fanbase thanks to a couple of streaming services. 

Letterkenny is a show about, you guessed it, the small town in Ontario. The entire show is about siblings Katy and Wayne, who run a farm and a produce stand. Their two friends Dan, also known as "Squirrely" and Daryl help them out with their business. But that's not it. The show also showcases how it can be living in a small Canadian town. From the farm life to local drug addicts, and even people who come from out of town to make up a hockey team. 

Not only does Letterkenny have a special connection to Canada, but it has a special connection to Crave as well. Crave, the streaming service, made Letterkenny it's first-ever original series. Fans loved it so much that Hulu, an American streaming service, picked it up and season 7 actually premiered this week as a Hulu Original. 

It's obvious that Letterkenny isn't only loved by Canadians. Thrillist published an article that stated how "severely underrated" the show was, also describing it as "perfect feel-good TV". We will have to agree on that one. 

While there are only 5,000 people living in Letterkenny, that doesn't stop the content from being on point. The show currently has 7 seasons, and according to Crave, one in three subscribers have watched the show. 

Definitely put Letterkenny on your list of shows to binge-watch if you love Canadian TV shows. While it is absolutely nothing like Degrassi or Schitt's Creek, it still has the same vibe we all love: how Canadian it is. 

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