Liam Hemsworth's Trailer For 'Most Dangerous Game' Also Stars Ontario

Can you spot any familiar locations?
Liam Hemsworth's Trailer For 'Most Dangerous Game' Also Stars Ontario

Time to add another show to your binge list. Liam Hemsworth spent months in Canada last year filming his new show Most Dangerous Game . Now that the trailer has finally been released, the series features so many Ontario hotspots.

The action series was developed by the new streaming platform Quibi. Hemsworth stars as Dodge Maynard, a desperate Michigan man suffering from a terminal illness. In one last attempt at taking care of his pregnant wife, he partakes in a deadly game. However, he soon realizes he’s been misled into thinking the game was fair.

Starring alongside Hemsworth is Sarah Gadon, Zach Cherry, and Aaron Poole.

The newly released trailer opens with Hemsworth speeding along an Ontario road. If you’re a native to the province or have visited, you might notice the familiar road signs that line each shot.

Footage of Hemsworth, wearing a grey zip-up sweater sprinting down what is supposed to be a Michigan street, can also be recognized as downtown Hamilton.

The actor was spotted filming the scene back on October 6.

In the trailer, part of this dangerous game also takes place in an underground train station. That allowed viewers to get a glimpse of the Toronto transit system as his character, Dodge, bounds through the entrance and into a train.

Back in October, the Hunger Games star was spotted in Toronto’s Little Portugal on Dundas street west. Photos were taken of the actor being ‘hit’ by an oncoming taxi.

Although the scene isn’t featured in the trailer, we do get a scene of the actor partaking in a fight inside of a taxi.

The show will be hitting the platform on April 6, the same day Quibi is set to be launched. It’s one of just 50 new series set to be released.

Quibi is meant to provide viewers with series that feature 10-minute long episodes. The purpose being to indulge in as much content in as little time as possible.

The service is being offered at $4.99 a month for a subscription that includes ads or $7.99 a month excluding ads. They also have an ongoing promotion offering customers who sign up before the April launch date a 90-day free trial.

You can watch the full trailer of Most Dangerous Game below.