Trudeau Wants To Ban The Same Kind Of Gun Used By Two BC Teens In Murders

The Prime Minister wants to ban assault rifles.
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Liberal Party Assault Rifle Ban Part Of Their New Campaign Promise

The election is upon us and candidates are publically discussing their ideas and promises left and right. The latest announcement is that the Liberal party plans to take steps towards more gun control. The Liberal Party assault rifle ban includes weapons that were used by two teen murderers in B.C. used to conduct their triple homicide.

Most of you may remember the case of the triple homicides that took place in July of this year. The three murders in B.C. lead to a nation-wide manhunt for two teen boys, Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky. 

The two teens were wanted for shooting and killing Lucas Fowler, Chynna Deese, and Leonard Dyck.

Officials have stated that the acts were random and there was no known motive. Later, the boys died by suicide as part of a pact.

Now, Liberals are planning on banning the same guns used by the two teens. 

According to the Liberal party's website, re-electing the Liberal government will allow for the banning of assault weapons that would “strengthen gun control.” The party has stated that weapons like these have “no place in Canada.”

The Liberal party is stating that if re-elected, they will "build on the important measures we passed in Bill C-71, and continue to take serious, common-sense action to crack down on gun crime.”

The Liberal party website stated that in 2017 there were 2,500 more victims of gun violence than in 2013 with many of the incidents involving intimate partners. As Canada today has no classification for assault rifles, any person can legally buy several military-style weapons. 

“Too many people have lost loved ones to gun violence. And too often, the culprit is military-style weapons designed to inflict mass human casualties — guns so dangerous that they have no place in Canada,” said the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

“Thoughts and prayers aren’t going to cut it. A Liberal government will ban assault weapons in Canada.”

The party will do this by banning military-style assault rifles including the AR-15. While the two teen murderers did not use an AR-15, RCMP have confirmed that they used two SKS type firearms to commit the offences.

According to a press release by RCMP, the weapons were non-restricted, semi-automatic rifles. This Liberal ban would aim to target guns like these.

[rebelmouse-image 25950113 photo_credit="BC RCMP" expand=1 original_size="650x146"]

As of now, people can purchase them legally. According to the Cabela's website, an SKS semi-automatic rifle similar to the one used in the homicides goes for around $399.99. 

[rebelmouse-image 25950114 photo_credit="BC RCMP" expand=1 original_size="650x174"]

Guns like these are able to shoot five rounds per magazine. McLeod purchased the gun legally in July at Cabela's in Nanaimo. 

The Liberal party has stated that they will be issuing steps in order to strengthen gun control. This will include requiring a proper firearm license for anyone importing ammunition. 

They will also make it difficult for legal weapons to fall into the hands of criminals by strengthening safe-storage laws. 

“Andrew Scheer’s policy on guns was written by the gun lobby. He has an agenda that will make it easier for criminals to get their hands on assault rifles,” said Trudeau.

“It is shameful. It’s time to end gun violence in Canada.”

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Stephanie Hilash
Staff Writer
Stephanie Hilash is a guest staff writer
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