Liberals Would Win If The Election Was Held Today, Despite Justin Trudeau's Shockingly Low Approval Ratings

Justin Trudeau's 2018 approval ratings are the lowest they've been since 2015.
Liberals Would Win If The Election Was Held Today, Despite Justin Trudeau's Shockingly Low Approval Ratings

Justin Trudeau was dealt a pretty harsh hand yesterday. According to the 2018 approval ratings for Canada's PM , Justin Trudeau is more hated now than he has ever been since his election in 2015. Pollster company Angus Reid conducted the most recent approval poll - what they found is that only 35% of Canadians surveyed are fans of Trudeau and his political performance so far. This is down drastically since he was first elected and had approval ratings of 63%.

This news shouldn't sit well with Trudeau since the next federal election is just on the horizon in October 2019. The election polls tell a different story, though. While only 35% of Canadians approved of Trudeau in a completely different poll conducted by Ipsos , Justin Trudeau seemed to have a small majority of supporters.

The poll, which was conducted for Global News , found that if the election was held today, Trudeau and the Liberals would actually win with 38% of the votes. This is a small but noticeably higher difference than his 35% approval rating.

In some individual provinces, this number is even higher too. In Ontario, for example, the Liberals got 39% of the poll votes. In Quebec and BC it was even higher, with the Liberals getting 40% and 41%, respectively. The Atlantic provinces seem to be Trudeau's biggest supporters giving him 49% of the vote there.

This stark contrast with his incredibly low approval rating could just be a result of the different poll groups. It could also indicate though that even if Canadians don't necessarily approve Justin Trudeau as our leader, they still support the Liberal Party as a whole.

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Either way, the poll numbers mean Justin Trudeau's party is heading into the 2019 election with a lead. At this point in the game, however, they shouldn't get too comfortable. According to the Ipsos poll, the Conservative Party isn't too far behind.

If the election was held today, the Conservatives would only get 33% of the vote. While this is down two points from previous polls, it really isn't that far behind the Liberal Party. Especially when you look at individual provinces.

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba, the Conservative Party is leading the votes by a lot. There they polled so far as having 44% of the votes in each of those provinces. In Alberta, it's even more, with the Conservative Party getting a whopping 61% although it is pretty usual for Alberta to lean that way.

No matter how promising the numbers may seem now, there are still almost 10 months until the next Canadian election, which will be on October 21st 2019. With just under a year left, a lot could happen for Justin Trudeau and his Liberals.

Source: Global News , Ipsos