One of the many shows the Family Channel had to offer centred around a blended family with five children. Over a decade after its series finale, a Life with Derek video has Twitter users concerned after a clip went viral and many are recollecting on what they watched as a child.

The Canadian sitcom ran from 2005 to 2009 and starred Ashley Leggat as Casey and Michael Seater as Derek. The clip was posted by a user named @camerouninema yesterday and already got 1.4 million views, 12,100 retweets, 81,600 likes, and almost 450 replies.

In the 15-second video, Derek and Casey are alone in their family kitchen talking. It starts off with Casey saying, “you are the most annoying brother” and she gets cut off by Derek who says “step-brother” to which Casey responds “same difference”. Derek responds “yeah, right” before the two briefly stare at each other. 

The clip came from the series finale in season four. Part of the episode was posted on YouTube where you can watch the full scene that starts at the seven-minute mark.

The last line Derek says before the Twitter clip begins is, “you can introduce me to all your sorority sisters” which sparks Casey to call him “the most annoying brother.”

Twitter users flocked to the replies to share what they thought of the step-siblings’ relationship as children.

One user wrote, “And tbh the hint is in the title too. Life With Derek. This show is just basically about a girl who had a crush on her step brother but knows she can’t be with him. sounds like some Degrassi shit.”

Another shared, “Whaaaaat. I’ll never get over how this show really made kid me want them to end up together. The subtext was GLARING right at us. I’m sure if fanfiction was a thing back then there would’ve been fics where they ended up together. That show was just written too recklessly man."

This person said they "feared that the writers would have them end up together".

Another user asked, “Wasn't that the entire premise of "Life with Derek"? Like cruel intentions, just PG?”

Quite a few concerned individuals replied that they knew they picked up on some sort of sexual tension between the show’s stars.

This person even shared that “growing up this was just the talk of the classroom even up until uni."

Another user actually brought up a good point from the plot that involved Derek who would “sabotage dates for her and everything."

Perhaps the best of all was this person who actually thought Derek and Casey did end up together after watching only a few episodes.

According to a 2016 article from MTV, they reported that a spin-off series called Life with Derek, Again was supposed to happen and even had a script. Unfortunately, it never panned out.

Speaking to MTV, Seater told them, “‘I can tell you the pilot started with Casey and Derek in bed together ... [but] I’m not gonna tell you the context of it.’”

MTV continued writing that “Seater revealed he thinks the duo should've ended up together on the show, and perhaps they did — in some kind of Twilight Zone parallel universe, that is.”

That interview came seven years after the show ended. In real life, 33-year-old Leggat is married to Canadian hockey player Jeremy Williams and her Instagram shows that the couple share two daughters together.

Seater is the same age as his former co-star and according to his IMDb page, he was on Murdoch Mysteries from 2009 to 2017. He picked up directing and producing credits in 2012 with his most recent work being Emerald Code in 2019.

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