Society has always tried to portray women as sweet and dainty people that would never dare to anything gross in public. In fact, women are taught to be more 'lady-like' when they're younger in order to keep up this ridiculous facade.

But the truth is, we're human too. We experience the same bodily functions as everyone else and it's not as always pretty. That's just a fact of life. There are some things that people should come to terms with that women do, but we also know that some of these things should be kept private. 

It's always fun to talk about some of the things we do in private that are completely gross, just to acknowledge the fact that we ALL do them! 

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What We Do

Forget To Wash Our Bras For Weeks

We ALL have a favourite bra that fits us perfectly and goes with all of our favourite outfits. And I know I'm not alone when I say that sometimes we forget to wash it for 1 or 2 weeks (usually more..) We also do the thing where we put the bra in the laundry hamper to wash it but then take it back out again. 

Why We Do This

Because All Other Bras Are Inferior To That One Bra

Once you find that dream bra that fits you perfectly and goes with all your favourite shirts, you won't ever want to give it up, even to the washing machine. Because what if we need it while it's drying?? Even if we try to put it into the hamper we'll just take it out again because all of our other bras are inferior and will never measure up. 

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What We Do

Leave Yesterday's Makeup On All Day 

We all have to admit we've done this at least once. But it definitely doesn't look perfect so instead of just leaving it as yesterday's makeup we'll paint more eyeliner and redo our mascara on top of the old makeup, just so it doesn't look totally gross. 

Why We Do This

Because Using Makeup Remover After A Night Out Is Just Too Much

After a big night out we just can't be bothered to go to the washroom and do our entire bedtime routine. We know it's totally gross and very, very bad for our skin to keep our makeup on all night. But when you come home at 3am after drinking all night, the last thing you want to do is take your makeup off. 

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What We Do

Forget Deodorant And Cover It With Tons Of Perfume

You can't really get away with this one in the summertime, but in winter you can and most people won't even notice. If you were perfume you'll still smell good even without deodorant, right?

Why We Do This

Because We're Forgetful And Kinda Lazy

This is a simple one to understand because everyone is forgetful sometimes. But we don't want everyone to smell our morning mishap so we pile on the travel perfume we have in our purses and pray that we don't sweat too much that day.

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What We Do

Go Days Without Showering 

Lets be honest here, showering is mostly the worst. If you have a busy schedule, the last thing you want to do is wake up super early to fit in a daily shower. It's just not necessary to shower every day, even though society tells us we're gross if we don't. 

Why We Do This

Because We Have Better Things To Do With Our Busy Lives

Of course, you probably should be showering every other day or so and washing your hair at least twice a week, but it doesn't need to be a scheduled, daily event. If you truly enjoy showering then definitely do it every day, but if you don't it's no big deal. We're all living busy lives and not everyone can or wants to squeeze in a shower every day. 

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What We Do

Play With Our Own Boobs

I wouldn't call this one gross at all, but it's something that we all do when we're sitting at home alone watching TV or zoning out. It's a completely non-sexual thing we all enjoy from time to time. 

Why We Do This

Because It's Fun! 

They're nicknamed 'fun bags' for a reason and they're not there just for other people to enjoy. It's just a fun thing for us to do when we're bored and sitting at home. No shame about it! 

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What We Do

Make A DIY Pad Out Of Toilet Paper

We all know the struggle of being in that 'in between stage' of our periods where it's either about to come and you don't know when or you're in the final days. That's usually the time where we get stuck using makeshift toilet paper pads.

Why We Do It

Because We Like To Live On The Edge

via @simplysavingcanadian

When we're in that 'in between stage' we like to push our luck and take a little risk, especially before our period arrives. So even though we think our period probably won't come that day, or we're in the clear at the end of the week, we'll leave without a tampon/pad and end up needing one very badly. That's where the DIY toilet paper pad comes to the rescue!

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What We Do

Never Clean Our Makeup Brushes

We'd all like to think we're really clean and hygienic but we all know how terrible neglecting to clean our makeup brushes is, yet we continue to do it anyways! 

 Why We Do It

What We Can't See Won't Hurt Us

We know there's tons of gross bacteria that pile up on our makeup brushes over time, but we can't see it so technically it can't hurt us right? Well, we know that's wrong but we're lazy humans sometimes and can't be bothered to remember to clean our brushes all the time.

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What We Do

Go On A Pimple Popping Rampage 

We all know that going on a big pimple popping rampage can do nothing good for our skin, but sometimes we just can't help it! Those pimples are basically begging to be popped. 

Why We Do This

Because It's So Satisfying 

I don't know what it is but popping pimples is just so satisfying. Some people find it so satisfying that they ask if they can pop their friends or their boyfriends pimples too! 

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What We Do

Scratch Ou Boobs/Crotch/Armpits After A Long Day

The feeling of relief when you get home after a long day and finally get to take off your bra/pants and put on your cozy clothes is so amazing. What makes it so much better is being able to scratch all over without anyone judging you.

Why We Do This

Because It Feels So Good! 

There's nothing more satisfying than relieving an itch that you've been waiting all day to scratch. That's the feeling we get after a long day when we can finally take off our bra and scratch away. It sounds gross but it sure feels good. 

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What We Do

Eat Tons Of Junk Food In Bed In The Middle Of The Night

Well, I can safely admit that I do this wayyyy too often. Not only do we eat the junk food in bed in the middle of the night, but we'll usually end up sleeping next to the plate/empty bag of whatever we indulged in and waking up to the evidence beside our heads. 

Why We Do This

Because We're Human And We Have Cravings 

It's no secret that girls have tons of cravings, mostly for chocolate, and pizza, and ice cream, and popcorn.. well there's a lot of them. The best time to satisfy these cravings is always in bed in the middle of the night. Sure we might feel a little guilty about it the next day, but it was totally worth it! 

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