Canada is a great country to live in, there's no denying this. We're the second largest country in the world, we're the world's most educated country with over half of our residents having post secondary educations, we have 20% of the world's fresh water and we're home to the world's longest coastline.

These are some pretty amazing feats that all Canadians should use to boast about the amazing country that they live in. We already know that the rest of the world is kind of clueless when it comes to what's going on in our great country, but it turns out that Canadians are also kind of clueless about Canada.

These are some myths about Canada that even Canadians themselves have fallen for! 

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-Bagged Milk Is Only A Canadian Thing 

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Lots of people are perplexed about how in Canada we actually buy milk in bags. I never thought of it as a weird thing before, it even kind of makes sense! But it's not the only option that we have here obviously, we also have cartons and jugs of milk so it's anyone's preference. Since we've received so much public heat for having milk in bags, we kind of adopted it as our country's 'thing'. 


-Bagged Milk Is Available In Other Countries Too

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Bag milk isn't actually just a Canadian thing! Americans think we're crazy for having bag milk but other countries also use bagged milk. You can also find milk bags in Israel, the UK and Russia!

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-All Canadians Are Obsessed With Hockey 

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I'm not going to lie to you, a big part of Canada is obsessed with watching hockey on TV. Tons of people in Canada look forward to kicking back and watching the game with their friends during hockey season. In fact, tickets to see the games sell out so quickly you're lucky if you can snag a ticket these days. 


-Barely Any Canadians Actually Play Hockey 

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While Canadians love watching hockey on TV barely any of us actually play the sport ourselves! According to Statistics Canada only 11% of kids age 5-14 play hockey regularly, that's even less than soccer and swimming! As the country that founded hockey you'd probably think more of us would actually play the sport. 

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-Canada Is An Informed Country 


It's pretty easy for us to look at our own country and say we're more informed than the rest of the world or even just more than our southern neighbours, the US. We keep up on current events through the news, gain information through social media, and the number of university educated people raises every year. Why wouldn't we be considered one of the top informed countries in the world?


-We're One Of The Most Ignorant Countries In The World

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It's hard to believe but it's actually true. Canada was ranked the 12th most ignorant country in the world by the 2016 Index of Ignorance. People in the survey were asked a number of questions from about their society including their country's population, healthcare spending, home ownership and more. The US did rank much higher than us though coming in at 5th most ignorant country with India topping the list. 

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-Canadians Are The Only Country That Uses The Term "Eh" 

As Canadians we get a lot of heat for the fact that we use 'eh' in normal conversation. Honestly, I don't think I use it all that much but it does slip out from time to time. There's definitely nothing wrong with this term, sometimes it just fits into the sentence and you can't help but let it slip. The great thing is that other Canadians are totally used to hearing the word 'eh' used so no one here will ever call you out for it. 


-'Eh' Is Also Used In Italy, Netherlands And Turkey 

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We're not the only ones that use the term eh in the world! In Turkey eh means 'city', in Italy it means the word 'eh' roughly means 'huh' and in Dutch the word 'eh' means 'excuse me' and is actually one of the most used word in the Dutch language! Canadians got a rep for using the word so much but who knew other countries also used this word just as much as we do? 

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-Canadians Don't Own Guns 

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There are a lot of laws surrounding guns in Canada and honestly the list of restricted vs. non restricted vs. prohibited guns is so long it won't fit on this page. But basically a lot of guns are illegal to own in Canada such as certain hand guns, semi-automatic guns, rifles and shotguns. 


-Lots Of Canadians Own Guns 

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While there are a lot of rules and restrictions surrounding guns in Canada, it is legal to own certain guns and lots of Canadians do. Canada was actually ranked 13th largest gun-owning country in the world with 30.8 guns per 100 residents. You can own the guns listed above, which are named restricted guns as long as they're a certain barrel length and calibre!

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-The Majority Of Canadians Speak French 

As Canadians, we know that not all of us speak French it's just not a reality. But since a we have one bilingual province (New Brunswick) and one province that speaks solely French (Quebec). French for the rest of Canada is mandatory in school until Grade 9 so you would think that most of us would have retained at least some of that French would have stuck with us for a while.


-Barely Any Canadians Speak French Fluently

Unfortunately, not even half of Canadians actually speak French! Statistics Canada says that only 21.5% of us actually speak French fluently, which is surprising since we have an entire province of only French speaking Canadians. But every other province excluding New Brunswick is considered English-speaking and the French we learned in school was mediocre at best, so it definitely doesn't stick as long as we'd expect it to. 

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-You Can See Moose Anywhere Outside The Cities 

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Canada is known for having a huge number of moose, in fact there's 500,000-1,000,000 moose in all of Canada! Most of us would probably expect that if we drive out of the city for 30 minutes we're bound to see a moose just wondering along the side of the road just waiting for us! 


-It's Not That Easy To See Moose Wandering Around 

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Driving just 30 minutes out of the city is definitely not going to provide any moose viewings. If you want to see a moose, you're going to have to travel much further than that. There's over 150,000 moose in Newfoundland alone, so that would be your best bet for wildlife searching. But other nature filled areas like Banff and Jasper National Parks can lead to amazing moose sightings. Anywhere with dense forests far away from human interaction basically. 

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-All Canadians Are Polite 

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Canadians are the most polite people in the entire world! A Canadian would never ever say anything rude or cold hearted EVER, it's just against our nature! If we accidentally cut someone off on the street? That calls for a big 'sorry'. If we step on someone's toes on a crowded subway? That's a big 'sorry' too! Any kind of rude thing we might have accidentally done to somewhere that they could possibly take any kind of offence to, we have to apologize.


-Most Canadians Aren't Very Polite At All

Sure, we do say sorry more than the average person but the politeness basically stops there. If you've ever experienced rush hour traffic in Canada, then you know what I'm talking about because Canadians can have major road rage issues. 

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-Our Health Care System Is The Best In The World

As Canadians we're pretty proud of our free healthcare system. It's an amazing feeling that we don't have to worry about getting sick and having enough money on hand to pay for it. It's common for Canadians to compare our healthcare system to the United States and think we have the upper hand, which is definitely true and that's definitely something to be proud of!


-Our Healthcare System Isn't Even In The Top 10 

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As Canadians we usually compare our healthcare system to the US but then we stop there and forget to compare how our system measures up to the rest of the world. In fact, we only rank 16th best healthcare system in the entire world with Luxembourg, Singapore and  Switzerland topping the list. 

It's pretty clear why our healthcare isn't topping the list though. The wait times in our ER's are insanely long, the quality of healthcare isn't as good as it could be and doctors are constantly be taxed more and more.

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-Our Money Smells Like Maple Syrup 

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When the government released the new colourful and plastic money that we all know and love, there was a rumour circling that the $100 bills had added a maple syrup scent to them. Honestly, I've never had my own $100 bill to check if this is true but I definitely believed the rumour when I heard it. 


-The $100 Bills Don't Smell Like Maple Syrup

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It's unclear why or how this rumour got it's start but for the first year after the new $100 bills were released people were perplexed about the mysterious smell coming from their bills. These people continuously emailed the Bank of Canada asking for an explanation but no such scent was ever added and the Bank of Canada completely denies that these bills should have a smell at all! 

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