Finding a swim suit that is perfect for your body type can sometimes be intimidating. Having to go in store to try on each piece, and going back to change sizes, again and again, can also be irritating. It truthfully doesn't have to be this way. Thank GAWDDD for the internet!

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We can shop for swimwear without having the fear of being watched or not knowing what our sizes are. Thanks to the help of online size charts and the massive variety offered through the web! Shopping for bikinis, one piece, etc can be so simple! Here are a few styles of swim wear that are perfect for each body type! 

Pear Shape 

Plunging necklines! Any sort of attention being drawn towards the top of your body will balance out the look. Avoiding extra material, and thicker bottoms such as boyshorts, which will only emphasize what you don't want.

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Broad Shoulders

Perfect to balance out your body. The extra cover for the shoulders will allow for a less attention to be drawn to the top half of the body. Also the extra added cut outs along the side of the body adds an hour glass look which also balances out the body.

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Flat Booty

Most bikini bottoms cover the entire bottom area, or it cuts off at a strange place. The most flattering swimsuit for flat bottoms is anything that exposes a little more cheek than usual. Also, anything with frills or rushing will give the appearance of a larger behind. 

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Big Booty

Plunging necklines with cut outs on the side? YES PLEASE!! This will also give you the appearance of an hour glass figure. 

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Love Handles

Whether you love your love handles or hate them, this is a style that no one can go wrong with! Super old school vibes as well. This style of bathing suit will give the appearance of a more flattering figure. 

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Back Fat

Thick straps are your friend!! The extra support given by thicker straps will allow for a better fitting swim suit. Also, higher backs will provide more coverage for your problem areas. 

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Large Bust 

UNDERWIRE!!! I don't know how much I can stress that. For my large bust friends, string bikinis are just not going to be enough support. Anything with underwire is going to provide the perfect amount of support. 

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Small Bust 

Identical to what Kylie Jenner has previously worn! This adorable set comes complete with a choker. Super on trend and for sure bound to get you tons of compliments this summer! TIP: Anything with embellishment and design will make your bust appear larger. 

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Perfect for anyone who has an athletic body type! Cut in all the right places to show off your shredded abs! Bold prints and ruffles will add some excitement to the look.

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Flattering for all body types and KILLING IT!!! There is no reason to have to hide your curves, embrace them! Styles like this will help you look fashionable and feel confident doing it.

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