It's really hard to understand mental illness until you actually go through it. These days, it's much more common to have a mental health disorder and even though it's so common, the stigma is what keeps people from admitting how they're feeling. 

Mental illness comes in a ton of different forms and severity. But the main thing is that mental illness doesn't discriminate. Even the richest person on earth could be the most depressed, and they have every right to be. You don't need an reason to feel anxious or depressed–if you have a mental health disorder, there doesn't have to be a reason. 

To some, it might be shocking that celebrities seem to have everything yet come clean and talk about their struggles. However, it's definitely not a secret that celebrities are some of the most depressed. So here are 11 celebrities you didn't know had mental health disorders: 

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James Franco 

James Franco is a professor, an actor, a student, an artist, and a director. And he recently came out saying that he had put so much on his plate with work, that his past addictions started to creep up on him again and he got really depressed. He states that he hit a wall, and felt so isolated and lonely. He says that work can also be a form of addiction, if you're letting it consume your life. 

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Chrissy Teigen 

Chrissy Teigen revealed that she dealt with postpartum depression after the birth of her daughter, Luna. She said she started sleeping on the couch, was late to set, wouldn't eat for days and had spontaneous crying fits. Her husband, John Legend, would sleep on the couch with her and she stated that he was her rock. 

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Emma Stone 

Emma Stone has dealt with anxiety ever since she was a child, stating that she would worry all the time that her house was burning down. She said she had times when she couldn't breathe and felt like her world was ending, but the anxiety itself was constant and she could barely go to school. She stated that improv and acting classes helped her along with therapy, because you have to be present while doing improv. 

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Amanda Seyfried 

Amanda Seyfried suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder related to health anxiety. She states that she thought she had a brain tumour and got an MRI and the neurologist ended up referring her to a psychiatrist. She's also said that she will probably never get off her medication because if you can treat it, you treat it. 

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Kid Cudi 

Last year, in a Facebook post to his fans, Kid Cudi revealed that he had checked himself into rehab for anxiety and depression. In his post, he stated that depression had ruled his life ever since he could remember and that he was nervous that focusing on himself would let a ton of people down. In April, he also came out and said that he used drugs to fix his depression. 

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Pete Wentz 

Pete Wentz has struggled with bipolar disorder for a long time. However, he decided he didn't want to go on medication for it. He said his disorder is super complex and that there isn't a one-size-fits-all when treating mental illness. 

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Kendall Jenner 

On her app, Kendall Jenner revealed that anxiety was a huge hurdle for her to deal with last year. She also suffers from sleep paralysis and planes really freak her out, leading to panic attacks. She's gone to therapy for her anxiety and said she's learned breathing techniques to control her in certain situations. 

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David Beckham 

David Beckham suffers from OCD, which makes him perform bizarre rituals. His condition, which he has said haunts his life, makes him count his clothes and put things in straight lines and symmetrical patterns. He can't go into a hotel room and not put the magazines in a drawer. He's also admitted to counting the cans of cola in his fridge. 

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Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has revealed that she suffers from OCD, which causes her to get anxiety if she doesn't repetitively wash her hands or comb her hair. She said that her disorder peaked when on her 25th birthday her boyfriend filled the room with 200 balloons and she felt triggered. 

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Cara Delevingne 

Cara Delevingne revealed in a series of tweets that she suffers from depression. She explained that her time out from modelling was because of this issue, and when she was a teenager her depression was so bad that she didn't want to live anymore. She says she had everything you could want to be happy, but none of that mattered. 

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Ellie Goulding 

Ellie Goulding states that her panics attacks were so bad that she was unable to leave the house. That was when her career was just taking off, so she knew she needed help. She thanks cognitive behavioural therapy for helping her body control the anxiety now. 

If you are struggling with this topic or any other mental illness, please click here to get the help you deserve. 

Original Sources: People, Marie Claire, The Hollywood Gossip

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