Everyone knows at least one Gemini. Or you at least know a famous one. I mean, Kanye West, Scott Disick, The Olsen Twins... Donald Trump. Yeah, you get it. 

Even though some Geminis give others a bad rep (I won't name any names but he's fourth on the list), we're really not as crazy as we seem. We had two breakdowns today but tweeted that we're the happiest we've ever been. Your point? Anyways. Gemini's are a rare form that take a lot of heart to deal with. Realistically, only true Gemini's know how to handle themselves. 

What's PMS? You're moody all the time 

It's a struggle. You could be in the best mood ever and someone will chew wrong and you need to take a long bath or nap to get over it. 

Your ability to talk about a subject you know nothing about is admirable 

Who needs Google? I am the WWW. One of my friends once told me she thinks it's easier to ask me questions about celebrities than to Google the answer. Our minds are filled with useless information that we can go on about for hours. 

People will always think you're two-faced

Listen, seeing both sides to each story is not two-faced. Even when I am the maddest at someone, I still see their side of the story. It's the twin in us, we CAN'T HELP IT!

You've actually gotten in trouble with friends because it looked like you were flirting with someone's boyfriend/girlfriend

Oh my lord. Just because I like to talk/am a nice person does not mean I'm flirting. 

When you say you're a Gemini people assume you're crazy

Okay, I get the stigma. But also, how rude? 

You can't focus for the life of you

Cleaning your room is a nightmare. Where do I start? Wait, let me check my phone. Should I put on the TV? Did I ever end up watching that new show? Wait, why is my room messier? I'm hungry. 

You never STFU

You could be in one of your bad moods and still talk up a storm. The only time you're not talking is when you're sleeping, and let me just say, Gemini dreams are as f*cked up as our realities are. 

You know the silent treatment like the back of your hand

ANYONE that has gotten the silent treatment from a Gemini knows it cuts like a knife. We can ice you out and not give a f*ck at all. 

You don't understand people who aren't openminded 

Wait, people actually say they would never do stuff? Not Geminis. Geminis rarely use the word 'never' because their mind changes so much. 

You'll never meet anyone more indecisive 

Okay, except maybe a Libra. Geminis are so indecisive, but won't take your opinion when you give them yours. Seriously, the term independent should have a picture of a Gemini zodiac sign beside it in the dictionary. 

You say every other friend you have is your best friend

We just have a lot of friends, okay? We are social butterflies, and most of our friends are in different friend groups. It keeps things interesting!

You don't understand what people mean when they say they're uncomfortable with confrontation

Uh, honey, that's my second job. If someone/something pisses a Gemini off, don't worry, we'll tell you. 

You don't need people to like you

Gemini's couldn't give less of a shit if you like them or not. Gemini's are not the people pleasing type, and definitely, don't care if you talk behind their back.

You go through weird phases of obsession with certain things 

For me it's anything to do with 9/11, conspiracy theories, even Mount Everest was an obsession at one point. Those people that play songs over and over and over until they're sick of it? Yep, that's a Gemini with everything. 

Freedom is everything to a Gemini

Ever wonder why sometimes Gemini's want to go out for a month straight and then want to stay in for a month after that? That's because we get burnt out easily. Other peoples energies exhaust us to the point where we literally need to recharge. It's not you, it's me. 

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