Ah, your first day of university. You've waited your whole life for this moment, and it's finally here. All those high school algebra assignments actually paid off, shocker 👀.

My first day of uni was only a year ago, but I still remember exactly how it all went down; it's just one of those things you never forget. If you're anything like me, you've probably been watching cliché movies like Sydney White and Legally Blonde to give you some sort of idea of what university might be like. Spoiler alert: they're not entirely inaccurate.

Whether your first day of uni is coming up, or you just wanna reminisce on those freshman years, check out our list and see how many of these thoughts have crossed your mind:

1. "Who the f*ck thought it was a good idea to schedule orientation at 8am?"

I'm not even a functioning person before noon. tbh.

2. "Ok but why does everyone look so young?"

I thought this was uni, not Pre-K. 

3. "How many free t-shirts and notebooks can I collect today?"


4. "Am I really adult enough to be here?"

I ask, as I pour myself a second bowl of Froot Loops.

5. "How long do I have to put effort into my appearance before I can give up and live in sweatpants?"

Give it about 2 weeks, and you won't be able to recognize anyone anymore.

6. *Walks into lecture hall* "Who looks most likely to be a good group project partner and least likely to be a psycho?"

It's inevitable that whoever you sit beside is your designated "person" in that class for the rest of the semester. Choose wisely.

7. "How many more hours until I can get drunk?"

Frosh week, amirite?

8. "$300 for a textbooks? Do you know how much pizza and booze I could buy with that?"

And will you ever even use the textbook? Probably not.

9. "I don't need to go to my first class. All we're doing is reading syllabus anyways."

You can think that, until your prof hands out 3 assignments and explains that attendance counts towards your grade all in the first class.

10. "Is it too late to drop this class?"

You're undoubtedly going to have at least one prof from hell that makes you think this.

11. "That guy is cute, but I can't tell if he's 17 or 22."

It's 2017; nobody looks their age anymore. The only way to know for sure is to ask.

12. "I need a personal chef, and a maid, and a tutor, and a butler."

You're going to miss the amenities of living at home, no doubt about it. Appreciate your mom's cooking and cleaning while you can.

13. "What clubs are going to look best on my resume?"

We all know one person who only joins student groups/clubs to boost their resume. 

14. "Can I REALLY trust campus food, or am I gonna regret it later?"

I've heard one too many horror stories about this tbh.

15. "The Freshman 15 isn't even real,"

You say as you eat a large pizza and drink a bottle of wine for the 3rd night in a row.'

16. "Who looks like they'll be fun to party with?"

Don't lie, you plan on playing just as hard as you work. The best way to get into campus parties is to get in with the party animals.

17. "I've made a huge mistake."

Once you've survived your first day, been bombarded with hundreds of useless facts about campus history and profs' rules and expectations, it's safe to assume you'll be having some doubts.

But hey, guess what?

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