Part of being a true Canadian is our boundless ability to laugh at ourselves.

I mean, how else could we survive the endless winters and non-stop snow?

And a perfect example of this special ability to be the butt of our own jokes: the Canadian meme.

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TL;DR In Canada, laughter isn't the best medicine, it's the best blanket, and it keeps us warm alllllll winter long. Here are 20 memes about Canadian winters that are sure to hit your funny bone.

A while back I wrote an article with 20 Classic Canadian Memes. Well, I'm back to share with you the best CANADIAN WINTER memes.

I am so grateful to the good souls out there that take the time to craft these memes because honestly, they capture the Canadian spirit so perfectly.

Not all Canadians react to winter the same way, of course...

@broke.and.tiredembedded via  

This is why Canadians have trust issues... for real.

Still, we don't let the winter conditions keep us from living our lives.

Even if the struggle is real.

And we all know you aren't safe from Canadian winter struggles if you have a car.

Unless you have a Jeep, apparently...

No f*cks given.

Although, I'd bet most people who drive feel like their lives are way harder.

The winters in Canada isn't just hazardous to your health... 

They can take a real toll on your mental state, too.

We're almost through it, friends.  We got this.

We just gotta stick together.

Part of making it through the long and freezing winters is making the most of the snowy situation.

Like these two, they've got it figured out.

The more unphased you are by the whole situation, the more Canadian you truly are.

It's a fact.

And while not all Canadians experience winter the same way, it still brings us all together.

Even if it is just in an attempt to make a meme...

@narcitycanadaembedded via  

Or a  moment of mockery. (Thanks, B.C., we get it.)

So at this point, I'm tempted to say that may it's, in fact, the winter that has blessed us with such a good sense of humour.

At the very least, it gives us the opportunity to use it, like the person below...

So, now that we've finished our first winter and have slid effortlessly into second winter, let these memes keep you warm.

Because laughter isn't just the best medicine, it's also a great blanket of blissful ignorance. 

If we just keep laughing they won't hear our tears.

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