Whether you're single, in a long-term relationship, or married it's always fun to see what successful couples in Canada are doing in their lives. There's so many couples in the country that are killing it in their industries and their relationships are just icing on the cake! 

They're most likely able to be so successful because they have the amazing support of their partners who are also striving to succeed in their fields. These Canadian pairs are literally #couplegoals!

Okay yes, stalking them all on social media may be a little bit weird but there's nothing wrong with finding a couple that you can admire and follow them through their super successful careers! 

Passionate Power Couples πŸ’‹

Best Friend Power Couples πŸ’˜

Inspiring Power Couples πŸŒŸ

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Passionate Power Couples πŸ’‹

1. Jodi Blk & Jose Lopez

via @jodiblk_

Jodi and Jose are both based in Toronto and have the most amazing Instagram accounts ever! Jodi posts creative and fashion pictures as well as creating a fashion line on LaMarque. Jose is a super successful fitness blogger and personal trainer! 

Follow them on Instagram: @jodiblk_ + @joselopez_fit

2. Louisa Nicolaou & Sammy Nyberg

via @photosbyweez

Another Toronto-based couple, Sammy and Louisa are a creative duo produce some amazing things. Louisa is a photographer who features stunning photos of her travels and fashion shoots. Sammy is part of Modern Space band, a rock band based right in Toronto!

Follow them on Instagram: @photosbyweez + @sammynyberg 

3. Irina Tee & Dave Leduc

via @irina_tee

This couple is super interesting to follow on social media because Dave is a world champion fighter and Irina runs her own blog about life experiences. They're both very successful at what they do and they travel the world doing it! 

Follow them on Instagram: @irina_tee + @kingleduc

4. Erin Blaak & Mike Di Carlo

via @e.blaak

This couple are both models based out of Toronto but Erin also runs a real estate company that's super successful! You can follow this adorable couple over social media to see their model lives and their fun travels.

Follow them on Instagram: @e.blaak 

5. Elisabeth Rioux & Johnathan Germain

via @elisabeth.rioux

If you take a look at this pair's Instagram accounts you probably wouldn't even know that they were born and raised right here in Quebec, Canada! They basically live their lives by travelling the world, looking beautiful and taking amazing pictures! Elisabeth owns her own swimwear line and travels the world to promote it while Jonathan is a model who has walked in shows like Abercrombie!

Follow them on Instagram: @elisabeth.rioux + @jonathan_germain

6. Mindy & Alexey L

via @mindythelion

This super cool couple were based in Vancouver but now both live the gypsy lifestyle, travelling around and taking amazing photographs everywhere they go as a full-time job! Mindy has since written a book about how she was able to escape her 9-5 job and live the lifestyle she always dreamed of and Alexey is part of a Youtube team called High On Life that post amazing travel videos! 

Follow them on Instagram: @mindythelion + @lensflare 

7. Miranda & Ryan

via @acrobuddhas

Miranda and Ryan are an insanely talented acrobatic couple that showcase these talents on their social media account. They also created Acro Buddhas a business where their talents can be hired for special events and performances all over the world! Their company and home is based in Toronto. 

Follow them on Instagram: @acrobuddhas 

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Best Friend Power Couples πŸ’˜

1. Sophie & Justin Trudeau

via @justinpjtrudeau

What would this list be if I didn't the Prime Minister and the First Lady of Canada into the mix?? Justin is obviously running the great country that we live in and Sophie was formerly a TV host who is actively involved in volunteering a speaks publicly about women's issues! The true definition of #couplegoals. 

Follow them on Instagram: @justinptrudeau + @sophiegregoiretrudeau

2. Alex Centomo & Daniel Jensen

via @alexcentomo

Alex and Daniel are a Canadian couple based in Montreal who are both running successful businesses from their Instagram accounts. Alex has a vintage clothing shop run through her second Instagram account. They post Vlogs of their travels on their joint Youtube channel and they got engaged 11 months ago!

Follow them on Instagram: @alexcentomo + @danjensenn 

3. Lysandre Nadeau & Julien

via @lysandrenadeau

This Montreal-based couple are both Youtube personalities and influencers that are super successful! Lysandre posts funny and relatable videos about her life and he posts comedy videos and some music on his channel. 

Follow them on Instagram: @lysandrenadeau + @jemceee

4. Laura Reid & Christian LeBlanc

via @lostleblanc

This couple both live your dreams by basically travel around for a living and they're super successful at it! Laura runs a popular makeup tutorial Youtube channel and Christian is a stunning travel photographer! This couple call Vancouver home but now travel full-time around the world. 

Follow them on Instagram: @laurareid + @lostleblanc 

5. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth

via @kaitlynbristowe

This Vancouver-based dance instructor and famous Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has found love with the fitness guru Sawn Booth. Kaitlyn is a successful TV personality and Shawn has created the CitySTRONG business! 

Follow them on Instagram: @kaitlynbristowe + @shawn_booth18

6. Max Houde-Shulman & Ashtone Morgan

via @yourgirlmax

This Toronto-based couple are probably the coolest pair you could find on social media right now. Ashtone is a soccer player for the Toronto FC league and Max is an influencer with Hashtagpaid! They basically travel and wander the streets of Toronto looking fly 24/7. 

Follow them on Instagram: @yourgirlmax + @morgscinqo

7. Amira de Vera & Mitch Parker

via @advera

These two attend basically all the hottest events in Toronto's social scene and they're completely adorable together. Amira de Vera is an entertainment publicist and Mitch Parker founded his own real estate company called "The Parker Group"! 

Follow them on Instagram: @advera + @mitchparkerre 

8. Alex & Jonathon Gilmore

via @alexgilmorefit_

Alex and Jonathon Gilmore are fitness trainers from Winnipeg, Manitoba that are here to totally kick your butt into shape! They co-own a fitness company called "Total Package Fitness" and have already made some seriously inspiring transformations, teaching people how to live the happy and healthy live they deserve. 

Follow them on Instagram: @alexgilmorefit_ + @jtgilmore8

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Inspiring Power Couples πŸŒŸ

1. Elisha & Dion Phaneuf

via @elishaphaneuf

This Canadian power couple is killing it in the fame department. Dion Phaneuf is a professional hockey player for the Ottawa Senators in Canada's capitol city. Elisha is a famous actress who is currently starring in "The Ranch" with Ashton Kutcher! This power couple got married back in 2013 and are still going strong! 

Follow them on Instagram: @elishaphaneuf + @dionphaneuf 

2. Allegra Shaw & Joey Gollish

via @joeygollish

Allegra Shaw and Joey Gollish are based in Toronto and are both killing the fashion game. Allegra has a Youtube channel with over 300,000 subscriptions, she also makes adorable streetwear. Joey is the co-founder of multiple apps as well as working at a fashion creative house that creates men and women's streetwear!

Follow them on Instagram: @allegrashaw + @joeygollish

3. Maripier Morin & Brandon Prust

via @maripiermorin

This Canadian couple is literally goals, I mean, just look at them! Brandon Prust is a Canadian hockey player that's currently not designated to any team and plays as a free agent. Maripier Morin is a TV host on multiple shows including a Youtube channel. She also has her own line of eyeglasses and she's an ambassador for Revlon makeup!

Follow them on Instagram: @maripiermorin + @brandonprust8

5. Veronique Cloutier & Louis Morissette

via @cloutierv

These two are both huge public figures in Montreal and both are rocking their red carpet styles. Veronique is a popular French TV personality and her own website! Louis is an actor, comedian and screenwriter in Quebec! They have 3 children together and are honestly power couple goals. 

Follow them on Instagram: @cloutierv + @zemorisette 

6. Sasha & Rejean Chiasson

via @sashaexeter

These two everyone's fitness goals and will give you major fitspo when you scroll their social media. Sasha runs a lifestyle website and basically works out all the time, Rejean is the creative director and head coach of Adidas Runners and founder of Pace In Mind! They also just had a brand new baby and he is the cutest little thing you've ever seen! 

Follow them on Instagram: @sashaexeter + @coachrejean 

7. Grace Armani & Zack Michael

via @gracedwithstyle

This Vancouver power couple are serious goals. Grace is a style blogger, published author of two self-help books and Zack is a transformational coach! These two could fix anyone's life struggles so you can imagine how perfect they must be together.

Follow them on Instagram: @gracedwithstyle + @zack_michael_ 

8. Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds 

via @vancityreynolds

I think we all know and love this hilarious and gorgeous celebrity couple by now. They were both blessed with the best looks, sense of humour and star power that led them to becoming the hottest celebrity couple in the business. Ryan Reynolds is actually originally from Vancouver making this couple a Canadian duo to admire! 

Follow them on Instagram: @blakelively + @vancityreynolds

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Artistic Power Couples πŸŽ¨

1. Abeille Gelinas & Na'eem Adam

via @naeem.adam

These parents are honestly too cool to handle. Abeille is a DJ by night and radio host by day while her husband is managing director of a marketing company! Their lives are insanely glamorous and fun and their kids are adorable. 

Follow them on Instagram: @abeillegelinas + @naeem.adam

2. Vanessa Pilon & Alex Nevsky

via @alex_nevsky_

This couple is honestly so adorable together it hurts! They're both on screen success stories. Vanessa is a TV host, actress and art ambassador in Montreal and Alex is a successful singer-songwriter! 

Follow them on Instagram: @vanpailong + @alex_nevsky_

3. Valeria Lipovetsky & Gary Lipovetsky

via @valerialipovetsky

Valeria is famous for her modelling career but also her successful Youtube channel where she posts videos of makeup tutorials and nutritional advice! Her husband Gary is the cofounder of two different successful businesses. 

Follow them on Instagram: @valerialipovetsky (Gary's account is private)

4. Kim Levesque-Lizotte & Eric Bruneau

via @kim_lizotte

Apparently this couple had broken up not that long ago but not they're back together again and we're all rooting for them because they're so cute together! Kim Lizotte is a well-known Canadian comedian and Eric Bruneau is a Canadian actor. 

Follow them on Instagram: @kim_lizotte (Eric does not have Instagram) 

5. Gabrielle Tan & Joseph Knowles

via @gabwielle

This super cute Vancouver-based couple are all about nature and the outdoors. Gabrielle is travel and fashion influencer and Youtuber and Joseph is a travel photographer. With their shared love of fashion, photography and travel these two are literally a match made in heaven! 

Follow them on Instagram: @gabwielle + @_twitch_  

6. Tee & Lawrence 

via @thatsotee

Tee is an artistic and creative Instagram fashion, travel and food influencer and her account is literally Insta goals! Her loving husband Lawrence is her dedicated photographer and takes stunning pictures of her friends and their travels! 

Follow them on Instagram: @thatsotee + @lawrenceahn

7. Danielle Carolan & Joey Kidney 

via @daniellecarolan

Although only Joey is the Canadian in this relationship, originally from Ottawa, they both spend lots of time here in Canada between their travels. Danielle and Joey are both super popular Youtube personalities and run successful Instagram accounts. A lot of their videos have to do with their enviable travels around the world! 

Follow them on Instagram: @daniellecarolan + @joeykidney

8. Selena Gomez & The Weeknd 

via @selenagomez

Another gorgeous celebrity couple that we're all obviously in love with is Selena Gomez and Canadian boy The Weeknd! Selena has always been known for staying grounded even though she's been in show business since she was a child and The Weeknd is a known partier so they weren't the most obvious pair. But they've been going strong for almost a year now! Their careers are also something to seriously be admired.

Follow them on Instagram: @selenagomez + @theweeknd

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