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30 Canadian Power Couples

Strong & equal relationships in the country.

Passionate Power Couples 💋

1. Jodi Blk & Jose Lopez

via @jodiblk_

Jodi and Jose are both based in Toronto and have the most amazing Instagram accounts ever! Jodi posts creative and fashion pictures as well as creating a fashion line on LaMarque. Jose is a super successful fitness blogger and personal trainer! 

Follow them on Instagram: @jodiblk_ + @joselopez_fit

2. Louisa Nicolaou & Sammy Nyberg

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Another Toronto-based couple, Sammy and Louisa are a creative duo produce some amazing things. Louisa is a photographer who features stunning photos of her travels and fashion shoots. Sammy is part of Modern Space band, a rock band based right in Toronto!

Follow them on Instagram: @photosbyweez + @sammynyberg 

3. Irina Tee & Dave Leduc

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This couple is super interesting to follow on social media because Dave is a world champion fighter and Irina runs her own blog about life experiences. They're both very successful at what they do and they travel the world doing it! 

Follow them on Instagram: @irina_tee + @kingleduc

4. Erin Blaak & Mike Di Carlo

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This couple are both models based out of Toronto but Erin also runs a real estate company that's super successful! You can follow this adorable couple over social media to see their model lives and their fun travels.

Follow them on Instagram: @e.blaak 

5. Elisabeth Rioux & Johnathan Germain

via @elisabeth.rioux

If you take a look at this pair's Instagram accounts you probably wouldn't even know that they were born and raised right here in Quebec, Canada! They basically live their lives by travelling the world, looking beautiful and taking amazing pictures! Elisabeth owns her own swimwear line and travels the world to promote it while Jonathan is a model who has walked in shows like Abercrombie!

Follow them on Instagram: @elisabeth.rioux + @jonathan_germain

6. Mindy & Alexey L

via @mindythelion

This super cool couple were based in Vancouver but now both live the gypsy lifestyle, travelling around and taking amazing photographs everywhere they go as a full-time job! Mindy has since written a book about how she was able to escape her 9-5 job and live the lifestyle she always dreamed of and Alexey is part of a Youtube team called High On Life that post amazing travel videos! 

Follow them on Instagram: @mindythelion + @lensflare 

7. Miranda & Ryan

via @acrobuddhas

Miranda and Ryan are an insanely talented acrobatic couple that showcase these talents on their social media account. They also created Acro Buddhas a business where their talents can be hired for special events and performances all over the world! Their company and home is based in Toronto. 

Follow them on Instagram: @acrobuddhas 

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