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30 Canadian Power Couples

Strong & equal relationships in the country.

Best Friend Power Couples 💘

1. Sophie & Justin Trudeau

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What would this list be if I didn't the Prime Minister and the First Lady of Canada into the mix?? Justin is obviously running the great country that we live in and Sophie was formerly a TV host who is actively involved in volunteering a speaks publicly about women's issues! The true definition of #couplegoals. 

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2. Alex Centomo & Daniel Jensen

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Alex and Daniel are a Canadian couple based in Montreal who are both running successful businesses from their Instagram accounts. Alex has a vintage clothing shop run through her second Instagram account. They post Vlogs of their travels on their joint Youtube channel and they got engaged 11 months ago!

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3. Lysandre Nadeau & Julien

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This Montreal-based couple are both Youtube personalities and influencers that are super successful! Lysandre posts funny and relatable videos about her life and he posts comedy videos and some music on his channel. 

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4. Laura Reid & Christian LeBlanc

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This couple both live your dreams by basically travel around for a living and they're super successful at it! Laura runs a popular makeup tutorial Youtube channel and Christian is a stunning travel photographer! This couple call Vancouver home but now travel full-time around the world. 

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5. Kaitlyn Bristowe & Shawn Booth

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This Vancouver-based dance instructor and famous Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe has found love with the fitness guru Sawn Booth. Kaitlyn is a successful TV personality and Shawn has created the CitySTRONG business! 

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6. Max Houde-Shulman & Ashtone Morgan

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This Toronto-based couple are probably the coolest pair you could find on social media right now. Ashtone is a soccer player for the Toronto FC league and Max is an influencer with Hashtagpaid! They basically travel and wander the streets of Toronto looking fly 24/7. 

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7. Amira de Vera & Mitch Parker

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These two attend basically all the hottest events in Toronto's social scene and they're completely adorable together. Amira de Vera is an entertainment publicist and Mitch Parker founded his own real estate company called "The Parker Group"! 

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8. Alex & Jonathon Gilmore

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Alex and Jonathon Gilmore are fitness trainers from Winnipeg, Manitoba that are here to totally kick your butt into shape! They co-own a fitness company called "Total Package Fitness" and have already made some seriously inspiring transformations, teaching people how to live the happy and healthy live they deserve. 

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