Halloween is honestly the best time of year. It's always so much fun getting super creative with your friends to transform into someone else for just one night of the year. 

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Some years we have our sh*t together, but other years we're all guilty of leaving the costume planning to the very last minute. I've definitely done this more than a couple times because I'm so lazy when it comes to costumes. 

If this is going to be one of those years, at least try not to end up being that girl that wears a black dress and cat ears and calls it a costume. These are super easy makeup ideas that you can definitely find tutorials on Youtube for that will give you a creative costume with the minimum amount of effort required! 

Cute Makeup Ideas πŸ¦

Sexy Makeup Ideas πŸ˜ˆ

Scary AF Makeup Ideas β˜ 

Pop-Art Makeup Ideas πŸŽ¨

Funny Makeup Ideas πŸ’„

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Cute Makeup Ideas 🦁

-Cute Deer 

via @christinaduske

-Cute David Bowie

via @nataliacatrufo

-Cute Twiggy 

via @hubmakeup

-Cute Lion

via @sarakpierce

-Cute Mickey Mouse

via @sallychanhoyee

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Sexy Makeup Ideas 😈

-Sexy Sugar Skull 

via @makeupbymichelle

-Sexy Cleopatra 

via @meowriaa

-Sexy Vampire 

via @sandrallosamakeup

-Sexy Zombie Bride

via @sweetcecii

-Sexy Devil

via @stephinepaigemua

-Sexy Mermaid

via @crucifur

For Scary AF Makeup Ideas ☠, Click "NEXT"

Scary AF Makeup Ideas ☠

-Scary Spider

via @faaabseee

-Scary Wednesday Adams 

via @caroarriazamakeup

-Scary Skull

via @lilyflores_91

-Scary Pennywise

via @chuaahh

-Scary Doll

via @kaisaksi

-Scary Ghost

via @creativecreepiness

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Pop-Art Makeup Ideas πŸŽ¨

-Wonder Woman Pop-Art

via @beautyybylal

-Classic Pop-Art

via @anitalu_it

-Pixelated Pop-Art 

via @sanamango

-Colour Block Pop-Art 

via @tonguepop

-Rainbow Tears Pop-Art

via @ladyrubywoo

For Funny Makeup Ideas πŸ’„, Click "NEXT"

Funny Makeup Ideas πŸ’„

-Road Kill 

via @little_miss_halloweenqueen

-Plastic Surgery Patient

via @jessiemariemua


via @em.efex

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