We rounded up a bunch of our favourite fellow Canadians making big names for themselves! We got it all up here in the north from Instagram models to bloggers, YouTubers, reality TV stars, business owners, entrepreneurs, DJs and more.

So let's spread the love of these amazing people making waves on the internet. They are all on their way up and I can't wait to see how far they'll go! Here are 27 Canadian Influencers To Watch In 2018.

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British Columbia




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Ontario Influencers:

via @erinelizabethh

Erin Elizabeth // @erinelizabethh

From Ottawa, Erin is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber. Check her out at thehandmadeway.com.

via @viktorpeters

Viktor Peters // @viktorpeters

From Toronto, Viktor is a makeup artist that posts amazing looks that include the product breakdown to get that same style.

via @valerialipovetsky

Valeria Lipovetsky // @valerialipovetsky

From Toronto, Valeria is a mom and beauty YouTuber that is becoming huge! She has almost 300,000 subscribers now. Check her out her channel here.

via @officialrezz

Rezz // @officialrezz

From Niagara Falls, Rezz is on her way to becoming one of the biggest DJs in the world. Check out her music here.

via @flemshow

Chris Fleming // @flemshow

From Toronto, Chris is a fitness athlete and influencer who is covered in those beautiful tattoos.

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Quebec Influencers:

via @olivierprimeaubc

Olivier Primeau // @olivierprimeaubc

From Montréal, Oliver owns the Beachclub where Kylie Jenner celebrated her 18th birthday and has a reality TV show. Check out the club here.

via @oliverkult

Oliver Kult // @oliverkult

From Montréal, Oliver owns the barber shops ''La Maison Privée'' and has a reality TV show with his wife Victoria titled "Les Kult".

via @juliamateian

Julia Mateian // @juliamateian

From Montréal, Julia is a fashion blogger who is traveling the world now. Check our her new online shop the26thlook.com.

via @irina_tee

Irina Tee // @irina_tee

From Montréal, she is a model/writer who moved to Thailand for love! Check out her story How I Met My Husband Thanks To MTL Blog. She now has her own lifestyle website.

via @dentellefleurs

Dentelle Fleurs // @dentellefleurs

From Montréal, Dentelle is a fashion blogger and just launched her YouTube channel. Check it out here.

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British Columbia Influencers:

via @amberhuanng

Amber Huang // @amberhuanng

From Vancouver, Amber is is a fashion and lifestyle influencer who has a beautiful simple and stylish aesthetic.

via @whippedcreammusic

Whipped Cream // @whippedcreammusic

From Vancouver, Whipped Cream is a DJ who is right on her way up and if you haven't heard of her yet, you will. Check out her music here.

via @dorringtonr

Dorrington Reid // @dorringtonr

From Vancouver, Dorrington takes gorgeous photos with just his Iphone that will make you want to step up your own photo game.

via @samcity_

Sam Ann // @samcity_

From Vancouver, Sam is a lifestyle influencer who captures her life around the city and traveling.

via @heynicolewong

Nicole Wong // @heynicolewong

From Vancouver, Nicole is a power lifter and cheerleader who blogs about nutrition, fashion and fitness. Check out her blog here.

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Alberta Influencers:

via @diiam.ond

Diiamond // @diiam.ond

From Calgary, Diiamond is a beauty influencer with almost 500,000 followers on Instagram. 

via @briggadonis

Sean Briggadoni // @briggadonis

From Calgary, Sean is an Instagram influencer, model, fitness enthusiast and cyclist motivator. He also has an insane beard!

via @makeupbysooni

Sooni Sherzy // @makeupbysooni

From Calgary, Sooni is a make up artist who showcases her beautiful self as well as the make up she uses to do it.

via @linsoele

Lindsey Oele // @linsoele

From Edmonton, Lindsey is a fashion, design, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. Check out her site here.

via @jaidaanne

Jaida Anne // @jaidaanne

From Calgary, Jaida is a travel and lifestyle Instagram influencer who captures her life through fun photos.

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Prairie Influencers:

via @redrisingmagazine

Justin Larrivee // @redrisingmagazine

From Winnipeg, Justin is a graphic designer who helped found Red Rising Magazine, a publication supporting Indigenous issues. Check it out here.

via @namebranclothing

Branden Wiebe // @namebranclothing

From Winnipeg, Branden is a YouTuber who makes crazy shoes videos and more. He now has over 250,000 subscribers. Check out his channel here.

via @priceandtakis

Price & Takis // @priceandtakis

From Winnipeg, Price & Takis are a DJ duo who have racked up almost 150 million views on their track on YouTube. Check out the song here.

via @brittanylaurens

Brittany Lauren // @brittanylaurens

From Saskatoon, Brittany is a lifestyle, beauty and fashion blogger. Check out her blog here.

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The Maritimes Influencers:

via @misslionhunter

Musemo Handahu // @misslionhunter

From Halifax, Musemo is a fashion and food influencer as well as writer. Her feed is awesomely bright and colourful.

via @itslivb

Liv B // @itslivb

From Halifax, Liv is blogger and YouTuber who shares vegan cooking and recipes. She has over 500,000 subscribers! Check out her channel here.

via @alexmaclean

Alex MacLean // @alexmaclean

From Halifax, Alex is the founder of the growing brand East Coast Lifestyle. The brands popularity has gained him almost 500,000 followers on Instagram.

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