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30 Halloween 2017 Couples Costumes For You And Bae That Are Totally #RelationshipGoals

I'm a bunny, duh.

So Halloween is fast approaching and you and bae are trying to figure out what the best costume is for this year. Your last year's couples costume was A1, but you know it's a cardinal sin to repeat the same get-up. It's time to explore some new options and bust out that creativity - Trump and the wall is a good one if you want to get funny, sugar skulls are cool if you want to be sexy, and a mermaid with a sailor or caught by a pirate is perfect if you're just really into mermaids.

If you want to be a sexy animal or something with lingerie and bunny ears, but without having to say "I'm a bunny, duh. " like Karen from Mean Girls, just get your significant other to fix the situation. Get them to be the Duracell to your bunny, the zoo keeper to your giraffe, or any other supporting roll so no one gets confused what you dressed up as. In this case, two is always better than one.

So whether you want to be the cutest couple in the room or the funniest, enjoy these great ideas for 2017. Here are 30 Couples Costumes For Halloween 2017 That Are Totally #RelationshipGoals that will give you some serious inspo this Halloween.

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