Christmas is such a joyous time of year. There's the smell of cinnamon in the air, we get to relax by the fire with a mug of steaming hot chocolate, and the ground outside is sprinkled with fluffy white snow flakes. It truly is magical!

But we all know that the holidays also bring a lot of stress into our lives. Especially when it comes to buying a gift for that special someone in our lives. Men are notoriously hard to buy for because even if you ask them what they want they won't ever give you a straight answer.

It can be even harder depending on what stage in your relationship you're in. If you've only been dating for 3 months there's question of how much should you spend and how much effort you should give the gift giving process. But when you've been together for 3 years there's the pressure of getting them a gift that will measure for how much love you have for them.

Whichever stage you're in, whether it's been 3 months or 3 years, we've got the perfect present for you to give your boyfriend this holiday season!

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Dating For 3 Months

Tile Mate

Price: $26.72

Why He'll Love It: If your guys is constantly losing things like his keys or anything really, this gift is perfect for him. He attaches it to anything that he's prone to losing and his phone will help him find it.

Buy yours here.

Amazon Echo Dot

Price: $49.99

Why He'll Love It: Who wouldn't want a futuristic robot that can control basically all your electronics without you having to lift a finger? This is a great gift because it's thoughtful but also kind of impersonal at the same time.

Buy yours here.

Rocketbook Wave Smart Notebook

Price: $34.60

Why He'll Love It: If your guy uses notebooks all the time for work or school this is the perfect gift. It's a smart notebook that will upload your notes directly to your Cloud. All you have to do to erase the notes is pop it in the microwave and poof the pages are blank!

Buy yours here.

Sony Earbud Headphones

Price: $33.99

Why He'll Love It: Everyone needs a good pair of headphones in their life and Sony headphones are some of the best quality you can find. This isn't any insanely personal gift but it's a nice way to show that you care.

Buy yours here.

Dating For 3 Years

iHome Flask Shaped Speaker

Price: $52

Why He'll Love It: This is a unique gift that definitely won't break the bank. If he's a drinker or just likes listening to music this gift is a fun way to give a regular present.

Buy yours here.

Ellipse Smart Lock

Price: $199

Why He'll Love It: This is the perfect gift for the guy in your life that is always biking wherever he goes. This lock unlocks automatically when you get close to it and locks automatically once you snap the lock in. It will also send an alert if someone tries to steal the bike.

Buy yours here.

SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

Price: $119

Why He'll Love It: Waking up to an actual alarm is so 2017, so why not buy him an alarm clock that lets him wake up to the smell of espresso and fresh croissants in the morning!

Buy yours here.

Nespresso Coffee Machine

Price: $174.02

Why He'll Love It: A Nespresso machine is a great gift for your coffee loving guy. It's the easiest and most time efficient way to whip up a delicious brew in the mornings, no hassle required.

Buy yours here.

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Dating For 3 Months

Pack Of Patterned Socks

Price: $9.99

Why He'll Love It: This is a super impersonal gift that's safe for a relationship that's only been going strong for 3 months. Every guy needs a pack of fancy socks and this cheap pair is perfect for a low key gift!

Buy yours here.

Pouch Pocket Hoodie

Price: $29.95

Why He'll Love It: This is basically a gift for both you and him right? He gets a cute hoodie that's available in 7 different colours and you get a cute hoodie to steal whenever you want!

Buy yours here.

Cotton Parka

Price: $49.99

Why He'll Love It: This may seem like an excessive gift for a new relationship, but if your guy desperately needs a new winter parka this is a good gift option that won't break the bank. It will keep him warm and comes in 3 different colours.

Buy yours here.

10 Pack Of Assorted Pocket Squares

Price: $14.99

Why He'll Love It: This is the perfect gift for your guy if he's always wearing suits to work or has to dress up for events all the time. Take his look to another level of stylish with these assorted pocket squares.

Buy yours here.

Dating For 3 Years

Levi's Shearling Lined Jean Jacket

Price: $49.97

Why He'll Love It: This stylish jean jacket should definitely be a part of your guy's wardrobe so if he doesn't already own one it's the perfect gift. The best part is it's on sale right now so it won't break the bank!

Buy yours here.

Adidas Joggers

Price: $75

Why He'll Love It: These pants are super popular because not only are they stylish but they're also incredibly comfortable. Give the gift of coziness to your man this Christmas!

Buy yours here.

Champion Hoodie

Price: $82

Why He'll Love It: If your guy is all about the brand names, the Champion sweater is definitely on his wish list. Urban Outfitters carries a bunch of these cozy hoodies in tons of different colours that he'll love!

Buy yours here.

Hugo Sport Dress Shirt

Price: $145

Why He'll Love It: Give him the gift of style this holiday season with a brand new dress shirt. This Hugo sport shirt from The Bay is an amazing option that will fit him perfectly.

Buy yours here.

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Dating For 3 Months

Travel Coffee Mug

Price: $13.62

Why He'll Love It: Coffee in the morning is probably the most important part of anyone's day. Make sure his morning brew stays warm with this Contigo travel mug that comes in tons of colours choices!

Buy yours here.

Enamel Pin

Price: $10

Why He'll Love It: This is a super cheap and easy gift for the guy you just started dating. It's perfect if he loves all kinds of adventure! He can pin it to his jean jacket, hiking pack or whatever he wants.

Buy yours here.

Herschel Beanie

Price: $21.99

Why He'll Love It: You really can't go wrong with a classic beanie for those cold winer months. Even if he already has one he'll definitely be glad to receive another one and it's super affordable for you as well.

Buy yours here.

3-Pack Of Boxer Briefs

Price: $24

Why He'll Love It: Get a little frisky with a gift that you and he can both enjoy with these form fitting boxer briefs. It's a super practical gift that shows that you care about his comfort and how he looks with his pants off 😉.

Buy yours here.

Dating For 3 Years

Vincerno Chrono Watch

Price: $159

Why He'll Love It: Basically any kind of watch will do, but I chose this one because it has a nice leather band with a simple clock face that is both sleek and stylish. After you've been dating for 3 years it's time to buy him a really good watch.

Buy yours here.

Convertible Messenger Bag

Price: $133.74

Why He'll Love It: Treat him to a real laptop and business essentials bag from Herschel this holiday season. This one can be used as both a shoulder bag or a backpack!

Buy yours here.

Leather Portfolio Wallet

Price: $21

Why He'll Love It: If your guy needs a new wallet chances are he just wants a simple, black leather one. This one is perfect because it's cheap, it has RIFD blocking protection, and credit card slots and a money clip on the inside.

Buy yours here.

Nike Gym Bag

Price: $60

Why He'll Love It: If your guy is a fitness fanatic, chances are he needs a good gym bag to carry all his gear. This Nike bag is perfect because it has tons of pockets and features that will keep everything accessible and organized.

Buy yours here.

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Dating For 3 Months

Veggie Spiral Slicer

Price: $16.97

Why He'll Love It: This gift is perfect for the health fanatic guy in your life. Chances are he's been wanting a veggie spiralizer for a long time now and you can give it to him without spending much money!

Buy yours here.

Blender Bottle

Price: $7.99

Why He'll Love It: Any gym addict will have one of these bad boys in their possession. But if he already has one you can't go wrong with replacing his old one or giving him more than one so he doesn't have to constantly run the dishwasher just to use it.

Buy yours here.

Pre-Workout Supplement

Price: $26.98

Why He'll Love It: This pre-workout supplement thing is a huge deal in the fitness world, so if he's been talking about running low on his bottle why not order him another? This one is the best seller on Amazon so you know it's probably one of the best out there.

Buy yours here.

6-Pack Of Gym Socks

Price: $12.99

Why He'll Love It: Most people think socks are an impersonal gift, but honestly who doesn't love getting socks for Christmas? They're a practical and useful gift that you know they'll use and appreciate.

Buy yours here.

Dating For 3 Years

Nike Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Price: $65

Why He'll Love It: Show him you care about his fitness style with a sleek and comfortable Nike running shirt. This one comes in 3 different colours so you have tons of options.

Buy yours here.

Fitbit Charge 2

Price: $129

Why He'll Love It: Spend a little more and treat him to a Fitbit this holiday season. Let him track his calorie output, steps and heart rate during his workouts and everyday life!

Buy yours here.

Lululemon Joggers

Price: $138

Why He'll Love It: You really can't go wrong with a comfy pair of Lululemon joggers this Christmas. He can wear them for lounging around the house or for working out!

Buy yours here.

Patagonia Puff Jacket

Price: $239

Why He'll Love It: If you two are hiking fanatics, he'll love this thoughtful gift that's perfect for your hiking adventures. It's lightweight, breathable and water resistant for a super comfortable wear!

Buy yours here.

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Dating For 3 Months

A Card

Why He'll Love It: If you and your guy agreed not to buy each other presents or you think it's just too soon for gift giving, a hand made card is the perfect way to show you care without spending a dime.

Watch a tutorial video here.

Baked Goods

Why He'll Love It: People always say the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right? So show him how much you care with a batch of yummy homemade cookies for him to enjoy. It's simple, low key and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Find recipes here.

Homemade Dinner

Why He'll Love It: Who doesn't love to be cooked for? This is a great gift for new couples who aren't looking to go all out just yet. This way you can show them that you care about them without splurging on a gift. It can also be super romantic if you light some candles and put out a white tablecloth.

Find recipe inspiration here.

DIY Shaving Cream

Why He'll Love It: Most guys shave pretty often so why not do something thoughtful by making some homemade shaving cream for him to try? He'll be guaranteed to get good use out of it and it will cost you barely anything to create.

Watch tutorial video here.

Dating For 3 Years

Candy Bar Card

via @chachabbchu

Why He'll Love It: This is an adorable way to get super creative while being extra cheesy this holiday season. Who doesn't love receiving a card full of chocolate bars also?

Movie Date Night Basket

via @hinsdalehospfounassociates

While You'll Love It: If your guy needs a relaxing night in, just the two of you, make up a cute basket full of his favourite things. Include his favourite movie, all his favourite candies, and tons of snacks to make sure he gets the ultimate relaxation.

His And Her Mugs

Why He'll Love It: This is a simple gift that both of you can enjoy. It's super easy to make and it really just takes some plain mugs and sharpie. Check out YouTube videos to do it right!

DIY Travel Map

Why He'll Love It: This is the perfect DIY present for all the wanderlust travellers out there. Buy a world map, some different colour tacks and tick off all the places you've been together and want to go together in the future!

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