If you're reading this right now, I bet you love everything about wine. Wine is one of those drinks that never fails. It's perfect for basically every occasion. Going through a rough breakup? Drink some wine! Sitting in an awkward work dinner? Drink some wine! Spending a girls' night in with your friends? Drink a LOT of wine!

Like I said, wine is great for literally every occasion. But the only problem is that there can be a lot of sugar added to wine, especially in those sweet wines that we all love.

Sure, drinking sweet wine can delicious and it's great in moderation, but we all know that they can lead to some pretty rough hangovers the next day. Drinking wines with much less sugar can help you both avoid those brutal hangovers as well as helping you lose a bit of weight if that's what your goal is.

Some wines can have over 70 g/L of sugar and even more if it's an ice or dessert wine! So if when you're looking for a low sugar wine you should be looking for wines with less than 20 g/L, or less than 10 g/L is even better.

Low Sugar White Wines

Low Sugar Red Wines

Low Sugar Rose Wines

Low Sugar Champagne Wines 

Low Sugar Prosecco Wines


Low Sugar White Wines

Concilio Pinot Grigio

Amount Of Sugar: 2g/L

Price: $13.95

This wine is a light and crisp white wine that's perfect if you're trying to avoid high sugar content. The sweetness level is extra dry according to the LCBO so even though there it's not sweet, you're avoiding all those extra grams of sugar that could add to your hangover the next day.

Coyote's Run Unoaked Chardonnay

Amount Of Sugar: 2g/L

Price: $15.10

Chardonnay is known to be a very dry wine, but this brand is especially low in sugar compared to other brands. Even with the dryness of this wine it still has a high alcohol content at 13%. So you can get your buzz on without feeling the effects in the morning.

Peninsula Ridge Sauvignon Blanc

Amount Of Sugar: 2g/L

Price: $14.95

This is another amazing option if you're looking for a really dry, low-sugar wine to avoid those hangovers. This one has lots of citrus and fruity notes that will make it taste like you're drinking a sweet wine without the excessive sugar content. A bonus is that the alcohol content is 13.3% so you're bound to get that buzz that you really want.

Tidal Bay Nova Scotia White

Amount Of Sugar: 5g/L

Price: $21.99

This wine is a little sweeter but it still has a super low amount of sugar that will save you from the hangover you would normally get the next day. This wine is said to be a perfect pair with all kinds of seafood dishes and it's available on the west coast in tons of liquor stores.

Armena Dry White Wine

Amount Of Sugar: <1.2 g/L

Price: $18.50

This Armenia Wine Company wine is probably the driest white available on this list so far. With less than 1.2 g/L of sugar you can guarantee that this wine will not taste sweet whatsoever. But the great part is that it still has a high alcohol content at 12%.

Hugel Riesling

Amount Of Sugar: 4.8 g/L

Price: $17.90

Riesling is another great option of white wines if you're looking for a low sugar content. It still has a bit of sweetness but it's mostly dry with a fruity taste to it. It also has 12.5% alcohol content which is a good amount to get you tipsy this winter season.

Foris Pinot Gris

Amount Of Sugar: 5 g/L

Price: $18.25

Pinot Gris or Pinot Grigio is one of the best selling wines because it offers tons of flavour as well as being a low sugar wine. This brand offers a crisp and fruity flavour that will give you that sweetness that you're craving in your wine without all the added sugar.

20 Bees Pinot Grigio

Amount Of Sugar: 2 g/L

Price: $12.99

This is obviously an amazing option for low sugar wines and it's available at most liquor stores across Canada including Ontario LCBOs and Nova Scotia liquor stores. This one has a fresh citrus flavour with hints of pair that go great with cheeses and shellfish.

Low Sugar Red Wine

Misterio Malbec

Amount Of Sugar: 2 g/L

Price: $9.95

This brand of red Malbec is extra dry which means it has a super low amount of sugar to ward off those hangovers. This one was made in Argentina that has a fruity flavour with oak spices in it. The other great part about this brand is how cheap it is.

House Wine Co. Cabernet Merlot

Amount Of Sugar: 5.7 g/L

Price: $15.45

This Merlot does have slightly more sugar than the others but it's still a very dry wine with minimal sweetness added. It's might right here in Canada at the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario and it has a 13.5% alcohol percentage.

19 Crimes Shiraz Durif

Amount Of Sugar: 2 g/L

Price: $18.99

This Shiraz is made in Australia and is an extra dry red that will get you that low sugar content wine that you're looking for. It has a dark and smoky flavour that goes well with all kinds of red meat and BBQ for great dinner parties.

Folonari Valpolicella Red Wine

Amount Of Sugar: 2.2 g/L

Price: $8.50

Clearly this red is incredibly affordable for anyone who's been looking for a low sugar wine that's as cheap as possible. This wine comes from the Veneto region in Italy and it has a fruity flavour that adds something extra to the dryness of this wine.

Flat Rock Pinot Noir

Amount Of Sugar: 2 g/L

Price: $18.95

This brand of wine was made right here in Canada in Ontario which is great to continue supporting our countries own vineyards. This is an elegant Pinot Noir for a very affordable price with barely any sugar added for a dry yet fruity flavour to it.

The Forbidden Red

Amount Of Sugar: 5 g/L

Price: $14.99

This wine comes to us straight from Southern Australia and offers a great option for a dry and low sugar red wine. It contains a good amount of alcohol at 13% content so you can get your buzz on without that awful sugar headache the next day.

Ben Ami Wines Cabernet Sauvignon

Amount Of Sugar: 3.3 g/L

Price: $15.30

Cab Sauv is a popular type of red wine and this one comes to us straight from Israel. It has a low amount of sugar at just 3.3 g/L while the alcohol content is high at 13.3%. You'll find a woody taste with this wine that goes great with any kind of meat dish or a good sandwich at lunch.

The Good Wine Big Fork Merlot

Amount Of Sugar: 3 g/L

Price: $15.75

This is an amazing option for a low sugar red wine because it's so flavour packed you won't even miss the added sugar. This one was made right here in Canada in Ontario and is packed with flavours like red fruit, toasted herbs, and coffee!

Low Sugar Rose Wines

Henry Of Pelham Rose

Amount Of Sugar: 8 g/L

Price: $14.95

It's definitely not easy to find a low sugar rose wine because generally, people who drink rose are looking for the sweetness that they love. But this one is a relatively dry rose which means you get less of the added sugar the same amount fruity freshness that you're looking for.

C'est La Vie Syrah Rose

Amount Of Sugar: <1.2 g/L

Price: $12.55

This wine comes straight from France and offers an incredibly dry rose with very little sugar added. It is a light and crisp rose that's perfect for warm summer days or whenever you need some cheering up because these fruity flavours are sure to do that.

Cave Spring Dry Rose

Amount Of Sugar: 4 g/L

Price: $15.95

You'll get all your favourite fruity flavours in this dry rose, from strawberries to cherries to other sweet red berries. This wine is a dry rose so it adds a crispness to it without being so heavy and sweet like other roses. It also has a 12.5% alcohol content which is the perfect amount for those nights where you're craving a good glass of rose without having to feel the effects the next day.

Torres Las Mulas Cabernet Sauvignon Rose

Amount Of Sugar: 5 g/L

Price: $14.99

This wine is mostly available on the west coast of Canada and offers a great option for anyone looking for a sweet yet dry rose with less added sugar. This one also offers a higher content of alcohol at 13.5%.

Cliff 79 Rose

Amount Of Sugar: 9 g/L

Price: $10.05

This brand of rose is a great option because it has a little bit more sugar added without being too overly sweet. It comes from Southern Australia and has notes of fruity and and floral flavours. It's super light and easy to drink wine that goes great with anything you're eating.

Chivite Gran Feudo Rose

Amount Of Sugar: 2 g/L

Price: $11.95

This is a great rose option if you're looking for something cheap that has one of the lowest sugar contents on this list. This wine comes from Spain and has a 13% alcohol content. It also has the flavour of fresh berries with an acidity to give you a good contrast.

Conundrum California Rose

Amount Of Sugar: <5 g/L

Price: $24.99

This is a great option of a really light coloured rose with a small amount of added sugar. It's mostly available on the west coast because it comes up to Canada from the coast of California. It also has a pretty high alcohol content at 13.5%.

Blomidon Rose

Amount Of Alcohol: <10 g/L

Price: $17.99

This wine is made at a vineyard in Nova Scotia called the Blomidon vineyard and one of their specialties is this rose wine. It has super fruity flavours of cranberry and strawberries without being too intense.

Low Sugar Champagne Wines, 

Veuve Cliqcuot Brut Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: 11 g/L

Price: $41.85

Some champagnes can be really high in sugar but this one is relatively dry, which is a nice change. It comes directly from France with a pale lemon flavour to it with aromas of other fruits like pear and apples.

Ayala Brut Majeur

Amount Of Sugar: 8.9 g/L

Price: $58.75

This is a great low sugar option if you're out there looking for champagne. It's also relatively affordable for a good quality bottle. This one has all kinds of flavours from fruity to spice to floral for lots of variety.

Aguila Cremant De Limoux Brut

Amount Of Sugar: <10 g/L

Price: $21.49

This champagne comes straight from France and is mainly available on the west coast of Canada. It is dry champagne that's low in sugar content with fruity flavours like pear and peach. These flavours make the champagne taste fresh and extra bubbly.

Billcart-Salmon Brut Rose Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: 12 g/L

Price: $110.75

This champagne is more on the pricier side but it's definitely worth it because it's a limited edition bottle with only limited quantities available. It has slightly more sugar to add a little bit of extra sweetness but not too much that it's overly sweet. It's also a great option for a rose champagne, which are usually extra sweet.

Cristal Brut Vintage Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: 12 g/L

Price: $304.95

This is the champagne you want to buy if you're looking to splurge, big time. It's pricy but definitely a great bottle to impress someone or just to enjoy the fancy side of life. This one is an extra dry flavour with less sugar added than others.

Mumm Cordon Rouge Brut Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: 10 g/L

Price: $60.95

This is a great option for a dry champagne that's available online at the LCBO. It has delicate bubbles with scents of citrus, apple and toast. The flavours of this champagne are crisp green apple and citrus which is nice for a dry champagne.

Baron Fuente Brut Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: <10 g/L

Price: $55.99

This is a great champagne for those who don't love champagne because it has a softness to the bubbles. This champagne contains flavours of toast, yeast and a crisp fruitiness as well.

Bollinger Rose Champagne

Amount Of Sugar: 8 g/L

Price: $103

This is an amazing option for a yummy rose champagne that's not too sweet and sugary. This one is available on the east coast and it has limited quantities available. It's fruity and toasty that pairs perfectly with salmon, scallops and other seafood dishes.

Low Sugar Prosecco Wines

Le Contesse Brut Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 13 g/L

Price: $17.95

This prosecco comes in a gorgeous bottle and it's even under $20! It's the perfect option to impress that's super low in sugar for a prosecco. It comes straight from Italy and brings a light, floral and aromatic sparkling wine.

Bottega Gold Brut Magnum Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: <5 g/L

Price: $59.99

This is definitely the prosecco you should buy if you're looking to splurge on a really fancy bottle of alcohol. It comes straight from Italy and offers a really dry bubbly flavour that has barely any sugar added to it.

Fiol Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 16 g/L

Price: $15.55

This is obviously a super affordable bottle of prosecco that's available at Quebec's SAQ. It has slightly more sugar but it's still really low for a prosecco and will have a dry flavour to it.

Mionetto Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 16 g/L

Price: $14.10

This is another prosecco option with slightly more sugar but still a dry flavour. This one is a little bit unique because the colour of the wine is a lemon green colour with fresh melon aromas. The flavour is of pear and toast which gives it a fresh crispness.

Martini Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 16 g/L

Price: $13.49

Martini actually has their own brand of dry prosecco which is perfect if you're looking for one with less sugar content. It's a little bit lower in alcohol content at just 11.5% but it has fruity notes of grapefruit and green apple.

Santa Margherita Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 10 g/L

Price: $20

This is a great option of prosecco that's available at most liquor stores across Canada, especially on the east coast. It has a medium intensity flavour that's crisp and light. The flavours you'll taste in this champagne are fruity apples and pears.

Zonin Prosecco Brut

Amount Of Sugar: 14 g/L

Price: $15.55

This is another great option of prosecco if you're looking for something really affordable with a low amount of sugar content. This one has lots of fruity flavours like pear, melon and lime.

Foss Marai Prosecco

Amount Of Sugar: 11 g/L

Price: $19.90

This fancy-looking bottle of prosecco is available at stores across Canada but mainly the SAQ in Quebec. This is one of the top brands of prosecco in the world which is amazing that you can get it for such a reasonable price. It has flavours of almonds, fruits, and white flowers in it.

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