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6 Best Online Bathing Suit Stores You Need To Shop At This Summer And 6 You Should 100% Avoid

You deserve the best!

Now that spring is here and summer is right around the corner we all can't wait to start planning our vacations and beach days. Summer is the time to have as much fun in the sun as possible and to be tanned, happy and carefree! 

But we all know how much a hassle bathing suit shopping can be. Body image and feeling comfortable in your own skin plays a huge role in how you feel about bathing suit shopping and it can be a struggle for a lot of us. That's why it can be easier to turn to online stores where you don't have to try a million suits on before you find one you like. 

But as convenient as online bathing suit stores are, a lot of them aren't actually legit and will bring you poor quality suits, and no one wants that! I did some research and shared some of my own experiences to help guide you to finding the best online stores to buy your new summer suit collection at this year and which to 100% avoid at all costs! 

Which Stores To Shop At


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The swimsuits from Asos definitely aren't cheap like other online sights so you know you're probably going to get some decent quality suits. They offer a diverse selection bathing suits ranging in sizes which is great for diverse body types. 

People are generally pleased with the quality and fit of the clothes they receive but one issue is with the length of the shipping period and returns can also take a very long time.



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ModCloth offers a different kind of style than most online sites with a lot of their swimsuits looking like cute vintage styles from the 60s! They offer their swimwear in all different sizes which is great for varying body types. 

As with a typical online shopping sight some people report issues of poor quality in their products and delayed shipping. Most reviews of ModCloth are actually good though! 



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Okay, so this one is a little iffy. If you go on YouTube you'll see tons of girls reviewing their bikinis and most are paid reviews so it's hard to tell what's real and what's not. I recently purchased some swimsuits from here and was actually pleasantly surprised with what I got and that's basically the consensus online. 

Make sure you carefully read the reviews under each bathing suit because some suits fit small and others fit large. So listen to what people say rather than their sizing chart to determine which size to order and you'll be good! 



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Most people probably only go on Amazon for things like electronics, books and random products but they actually have a huge selection of clothing and bathing suits as well! 

Their suits are super cheap and affordable and if you read the reviews, you'll be pleasantly surprised by what you receive. Go for the top rated swimsuits for the best results. 


Swimsuits For All

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Swimsuits For All is a site that's dedicated to providing stylish suits for all shapes, sizes, ages and more! They provide a thorough fit guide so that you can make sure you're finding the best bathing suits for your body so that you're satisfied with every purchase. 

You got to love sites that promote body positivity and those who want to help women feel comfortable in their own skin! This site gets awesome reviews by the women who wear their bathing suits so you know the extra price is worth it.



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Boohoo generally receives good reviews when it comes to their clothes and swimsuits. The price on their swimsuits are pretty affordable so you should be wary about the quality. You get what you pay for basically. 

People are generally happy in the reviews and you can see tons of try-on haul videos of people of all shapes and sizes trying on their suits on YouTube. 


Which Stores To Avoid


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I'm not going to lie, looking at the bikinis on this site made me SUPER tempted to buy them. They make them look adorable! However, the general consensus online is to avoid this store at all costs. 

The bikinis range from around $20-$30 which is pretty cheap but that's exactly what will arrive in the mail, a cheap bikini. People complain that there's no customer service what-so-ever and the fit of the bathing suits is not good at all.



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ShowPo is kind of a hit or miss site so you could give it a shot if you're feeling brave but most of the time you'll get a suit that is not at all like the photo. ShowPo has an online reputation of misleading customers so it's probably best to steer clear. 

Another factor is that their site does not represent different body types whatsoever. You'll see one body type represented and no reviews on specific bathing suit sizing from customers on their site.



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SheIn is another one of those companies that's so hard to tell whether it's legit or a scam. They also use YouTube to promote their site as legit so it's difficult to find real reviews. However, if you search deeper you'll find tons of customers online complaining about it being a fraud. 

I would say that you should probably avoid this site if you're looking to get a good suit that you know is actually good quality. 



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This site gets completely terrible reviews online. Honestly, almost all of the reviews for this site are awful which is kind of hilarious how they're still in business. 

People complain about quality of their products, the slow shipping, the terrible customer service and the almost non-existent return policy. Definitely avoid this site for everything, not just swimsuits. 



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Wish offers tons of products, not just clothes, for super cheap. Already, if a site is offering goods for way cheaper than you know they're worth, you should generally avoid it. 

They get terrible reviews for their customer service and customers complain about getting sent items that were labeled as one thing online and delivered as something else. 



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Rosegal is kind of similar to Zaful but they get way more horrible reviews about their site. People complain about the sizing of their suits being completely off, the material of the suits being very cheap and unpleasant and very slow delivery times. 

You'll most likely end up very unhappy with your order from this site so I would definitely say to avoid it at all costs. 


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