Yep, you read that right, billionaires! To put the amount of money they have in perspective, Justin Bieber isn't even close to making the list with an estimated net worth of $225 million.

Most of the richest people are over the age of 60, 70, 80, etc. Billionaire status can take a long time ya know? But not for everyone! So I've rounded up the youngest of them all according to Canadian Business. If you want to see the absolute richest people in the country click here.

Get ready to make some new #lifegoals when you see the 7 youngest billionaires in Canada.

1. Garett Camp // Age 38

His net worth is 8.93 billion. He was born in Calgary and got rich by selling StumbleUpon to eBay and is also a co-founder of Uber.

2. Mark Scheinberg // Age 42

His net worth is 3.31 billion. He grew up in Toronto and got rich with his father by founding PokerStars.

3. Alexander Shnaider // Age 48

His net worth is 2.85 billion. He lives in Toronto and got rich by co-founding the Midland Group which is in the steel industry.

4. Stewart Butterfield // Age 42

His net worth is 1.97 billion. He grew up in Victoria, B.C. and got rich by co-founding Flickr and Slack.

5. Lawrence Ho // Age 40

His net worth is 1.49 billion. He lived in Toronto and got rich with his family business Melco International which is in the Asian gambling industry.

6. Shane Smith // Age 47

His net worth is 1.38 billion. He was born in Ottawa and got rich by co-founding Vice Media in Montreal.

7. David Baazov // Age 37

His net worth is .845 billion (2015), okay so almost billionaire. He grew up in Montreal and got rich by founding Amaya, an online gaming company. He is currently being sued though which makes his current net worth up for debate.

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