When you think of  the Armed Forces you can't help but image the country's best and bravest men and women keeping everyone safe. While these brave few probably deal with some interesting situations in their day to day job, there was one particular moment caught on camera that had the internet chuckling. 

A video of a group of soldiers walking outside in a row landed on Reddit, which sounds like it's nothing to be alarmed about. However the camera footage shows a Canada goose jumping into frame and diving at one solider in the front of the line. 

Naturally the solider dashes away from the bird with his head ducked and his back turned to the beast. The bird then runs after the solider and the man runs off out of frame but not before pretending to box with the bird. 

The goose then stands firmly in place and proceeds to give the rest of the soldiers walking in line the most intimidating glare and threatening pretend pecks. 

Soldiers - fearless and lethal. Unless...

The video is only a few seconds long but already has garnered 1,669,650 views. And while the caught on camera footage is absolute comedic gold, the Reddit reactions are even better: 

So I guess it doesn't matter if you're your trained to kill or not - when it comes to facing off with a deadly Canada Goose we all know that to make it out alive your best bet is to run like hell. 

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